We don’t know who the next Wolverine will be, but Hugh Jackman is having fun leaving us breadcrumbs

We dont know who the next Wolverine will be but

Even though Deadpool 3 be the actor’s next big movie, Hugh Jackman continues to leave clues about his future in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The return of Wolverine in the third tape of the mercenary with a mouth raised hopes that the interpreter would put on the Adamantium claws more times. However, Jackman’s latest interviews … Read more

Deadpool 3: Ryan Reynolds expresses his joy to find Hugh Jackman in the cast

Deadpool 3 Ryan Reynolds expresses his joy to find Hugh

In an interview with the American site Collider, Ryan Reynolds spoke about the presence of Hugh Jackman in the credits of “Deadpool 3”, in which he will exceptionally take over the role of Wolverine. The enthusiasm is palpable. In an interview with the American site Collider, Ryan Reynolds could not hide his joy at being … Read more

The fight has begun: Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds prepare for Deadpool 3

The fight has begun Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds prepare

Deadpool 3 is about to start its production stage and the protagonists Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman are already heating up social networks. Follow the uncertainty around Dead Pool 3 and its protagonists, instead of clarifying doubts, only turn on the audience more. Since the beginning of the expectation campaign, the same Ryan Reynolds He … Read more

Should Hugh Jackman continue playing Wolverine after Deadpool 3? | Pretty Reel

Should Hugh Jackman continue playing Wolverine after Deadpool 3

Hugh Jackman’s adamantium claws have been gathering dust at the Marvel Museum for five years now after his “last performance” as Wolverine in Logan. This film gave us the seemingly perfect ending to Jackman’s tenure as the character. Another big fight in the woods and a bow. He battled Magneto, Sabretooth, and the Sentinels; it … Read more

On his birthday, we tell you how Hugh Jackman met the love of his life

A day like today, but in 1968 he was born Hugh Jackman, one of the great legends of cinema. For this reason, the Australian actor, singer and producer is celebrating his 54th birthday. Many remember him for his participation in the X-Men movie saga, where he played Wolverines a superhero appearing in Marvel comics. Despite … Read more

The Simpsons on Disney+: Hugh Jackman, The Weeknd… which stars are invited to season 33?

1665294398 The Simpsons on Disney Hugh Jackman The Weeknd which stars

Available since October 5 exclusively on Disney+, the 33rd season of The Simpsons welcomes, as usual, a fine line-up of guest stars for memorable sequences. Overview of the guests to be found in the new episodes! The most famous animated family of the small screen is back on Disney+ in a brand new burst of … Read more

7 Best Hugh Jackman Movies (And 7 Worst), According To IMDb | Pretty Reel

7 Best Hugh Jackman Movies And 7 Worst According To

With the recent announcement of Hugh Jackman’s return as Wolverine in Deadpool 3, fans are revisiting his impressive Few actors rose to fame as suddenly as Jackman, with him being virtually unknown in the United States until he is cast as Wolverine in X-Men. From there, he quickly became one of Hollywood’s most popular and … Read more

Hugh Jackman shares an old image with Ryan Reynolds that increases the “hype” of the fans for Deadpool 3

Dragon Ball Super Premiere date and time of the

Although there are many interesting projects coming soon to the Marvel Cinematic Universeright now we are all waiting Dead Pool 3the film that is not only officially confirmed by Disneybut it will also bring with it Hugh Jackman embodying once again Wolverine (Wolverines). Through a couple of videos, Both Jackman and Ryan Reynolds have unleashed … Read more

Heading to the Oscars: everything we know about ‘The Son’, the family drama by Florian Zeller and Hugh Jackman

Rosalia in Mexico City You have my heart stolen

Florian Zeller wants to repeat the success of his Anglo-Saxon debut with The fathera film that ended up taking the Oscars for best leading actor and adapted screenplay in the edition that recognized the best of cinema in 2022. On this occasion, Hugh Jackman, Laura Dern, Vanessa Kirby and Anthony Hopkins are his traveling companions … Read more