Oscar Isaac’s Hair Was So Dreamy on the Set of ‘Star Wars’ Harrison Ford Swore It Was a Wig

Harrison Ford and Oscar Isaac have made a hilarious connection through the Star Wars universe. While the two are a natural fit as brash space pilots, their behind-the-scenes exchanges showcase two Hollywood stars who know how to have fun while filming the iconic film series. At one point, Ford was so enthralled by Isaac’s hair … Read more

Oscar Isaac’s Great Oscar-Worthy Moon Knight Scene That Was Deleted

1651849152 Oscar Isaacs Great Oscar Worthy Moon Knight Scene That Was Deleted.webp

The first season of Moon Knight has come to an end, and although you liked the final product more or less, there is one thing that everyone agrees on, and that is that oscar isaac has embroidered the paper Steve Grant Y Marc Specter in each of the scenes. Such a complex character required an … Read more

Disney+: Who is Oscar Isaac’s stunt double in “Moon Knight”? airing exclusively on Disney+

Disney Who is Oscar Isaacs stunt double in Moon Knight

The story of Moon Knightthe original series from Marvel Studios, features two characters with very different lives and personalities who come to life in the body of the same actor. For Oscar Isaac, playing both the mild-mannered Steve Grant like the mercenary Marc Specter it was an unprecedented challenge, especially since in several scenes he … Read more

Moon Knight, and Oscar Isaac’s gift of embracing chaos

Moon Knight and Oscar Isaacs gift of embracing chaos

It is enough to speak with Oscar Isaac for a few minutes to find out why he has grown so much in Hollywood in recent years. He exposes his well-known grace with each response and gesture to the questions that El Comercio asked him about the Moon Knight series, available on Disney +. There he … Read more

Marvel: a tortured first trailer for Oscar Isaac’s Moon Knight

Marvel a tortured first trailer for Oscar Isaacs Moon Knight

Marvel unveiled the first trailer for the series Moon Knight with Oscar Isaac as a chaotic, dark and violent superhero. More than two years after the announcement of the development of a series dedicated to Moon Knight during the D23 in August 2019, the one that is often presented as Marvel’s Batman will land on … Read more

Steven Spielberg and Oscar Isaac’s Forgotten Project

Steven Spielberg and Oscar Isaacs Forgotten Project

In the week that Steven Spielberg will return to the cinema hand in hand with a classic, the remake of West Side Story, an old forgotten project resurfaced. This is a film in which he was to join forces with Oscar Isaac, one of the last artists to join the Cinematographic Universe of Marvel (MCU) … Read more

The truth behind Jessica Chastain and Oscar Isaac’s ‘hot’ moment in Venice

The truth behind Jessica Chastain and Oscar Isaacs hot moment

Jessica and Oscar responded to Venice’s call to present the tape Scenes From a Marriage, but they ended up starring in the most watched touch / caress / kiss on the planet. Although the image of an undeniable chemistry between two actors who give life to a couple on screen is not new, there are … Read more