The intriguing movie that dethroned Blonde as the most watched on Netflix

An intriguing thriller starring Mila Kunis has become a trend in Netflix and it has become the most watched film of the streaming service in the world, dethroning the biopic that had been dominating the ranking. Is about The luckiest girl in the worlda film directed by Mike Barker that premiered on Netflix last Friday … Read more

This is the intriguing trailer for “Andor”, the series in which we will see “Star Wars”-style battles again

This is the intriguing trailer for Andor the series in

New trailer for “Andor”, this is what a revolution looks like. (Star Wars) Subscribe to Disney+, click here The full trailer has just been released Andor, the new series of the saga starwars that will come to Disney+ the next September 21st. A release date that shows a delay of three weeks compared to the … Read more

The intriguing like of Gerard Piqué on Shakira after their separation

In the midst of the media scandal and after the confirmation of the separation with Shakira, Gerard Piqué He launched a controversial and striking like on Twitter to a message that mentions his ex-partner And that obviously surprised everyone. After the repercussion that was generated from this interaction, the Barcelona footballer made the decision to … Read more

What to see on Prime Video: a raw and intriguing adult ‘thriller’ with Tom Cruise that became one of the most successful series on ‘streaming’

With the star and the screenwriter of the premiere ‘Top Gun: Maverick’, the saga of ‘Jack Reacher’ novels was brought to the cinema, which have served as the basis for one of the most successful series of the year. A chilling crime produced without apparent cause, which leaves the investigators themselves confused. The criminal has … Read more

‘Tokyo Vice’ is an intriguing HBO Max series that suffers from a lack of character when Michael Mann isn’t directing

1649338263 Tokyo Vice is an intriguing HBO Max series that suffers

Jake Adelstein is a journalist who tries to make his way in Tokyo in the new series of hbo max produced by Jake Adelstein based on the book by, well, Jake Adelstein. Perhaps this is the reason that its main character is always so perceptive, so smiling, so successful and so loved all over the … Read more

Sophie Turner returns to HBO: the intriguing series that will star this year

Sophie Turner returns to HBO the intriguing series that will

hbo max It is a real event framed in the true crime genre that fascinated the entire world and already has a docuseries on Netflix. What we know! By Ezequiel Torres Policastro 02/22/2022 – 17:06 UTC 02/22/2022 – 17:06 UTC © GettySophie Turner By Ezequiel Torres Policastro Sophie Turner He became popular at an early … Read more

Bradley Cooper clashed by his ex Suki Waterhouse? This intriguing TikTok video!

Bradley Cooper clashed by his ex Suki Waterhouse This intriguing

Seven years after her breakup with Bradley Cooper, Suki Waterhouse reportedly clashed with him in a now-deleted video posted on her TikTok account. Would she still have a grudge against her ex? Actress, model and singer… Suki Waterhouse has more than one string to her bow. On January 25, 2022, she unveiled his new single, … Read more

‘Dexter: New Blood’ retains the essence of the series with an intriguing but careless return

1636408535 Dexter New Blood retains the essence of the series with

The dark passenger has returned. Eight years after saying goodbye to Dexter Morgan, the psychopath created by Jeff Lindsay returns to television with ‘Dexter: New Blood‘. A miniseries / season 9 that promised to redress the bad taste in the mouth that left us the end of the original series. Will you get it? For … Read more

‘Shingeki no Kyojin’: Intriguing trailer and release date of the second part of the last season

Shingeki no Kyojin Intriguing trailer and release date of the

Warrior Custodian –Editor Animated series can also continue to be enjoyed as an adult, be it Western series or anime, which he has been enjoying since he was a child. ‘Attack on Titan’ comes to an end with the broadcast of the last episodes of the fourth installment. Shingeki no Kyojin It is one of … Read more

Katla: Why Watch Iceland’s Intriguing Supernatural Series On Netflix

Katla Why Watch Icelands Intriguing Supernatural Series On

We found the substitute for Dark, is named Boiler and it’s going to blow your mind from chapter 1. In a small town of Iceland, called Bay, the few remaining inhabitants live in fear that the volcano that has been erupting for more than a year will finally destroy everything. As this happens, a mysterious … Read more