‘Star Wars: Visions’: the infinite potential of the franchise, revealed in Disney + and anime code

1632245387 Star Wars Visions the infinite potential of the franchise revealed

The multiplicity of styles and visions that ‘Star Wars’ entails has been in the franchise’s DNA from its very beginning. Let’s not forget two key issues: First, the original movie and its early sequels were already a hodgepodge of genres and references., among other things to the space opera, al western, to the samurai cinema … Read more

‘Infinite’, review: Mark Wahlberg saves humanity in a bottomless tale

1631386085 Infinite review Mark Wahlberg saves humanity in a bottomless tale

Ideas regarding reincarnation may have been with humanity almost from its inception. Beyond the religious and philosophical currents, supported in different formats, the question appears sooner or later in the lives of all people: “Do you believe in reincarnation?” Infinite, the latest production from Paramount Pictures Studios, raises the question again on the big screen. … Read more

Mark Wahlberg style! The Paramount + ‘Infinite’ experience arrives in CDMX

Mark Wahlberg style The Paramount Infinite experience arrives in

After its premiere in the United States, Mark Wahlberg’s film is about to arrive at Paramount + in Latin America and to celebrate it they have announced that the ‘Infinite’ experience will be enjoyed in Mexico City. ‘Infinite’ is both an action and a science fiction film, which delves into the concept of reincarnation through … Read more

Mark Wahlberg talks about ‘Infinite’, a film that will blow your mind

Mark Wahlberg talks about Infinite a film that will blow

Mark Wahlberg almost always plays tough characters. His muscles and his half-grinning bad boy attitude help him. But this time he will be a vulnerable strong man: that of not remembering more than half the episodes of his life, of not understanding why they persecute him or being able to master the skills he has, … Read more

Shooting during one of the projections of The Infinite Purge leaves a mortal victim

Shooting during one of the projections of The Infinite Purge

An 18-year-old woman was killed and a 19-year-old man was seriously injured in a shooting at a movie theater in Corona, California, on Monday night, the police report details. The event apparently took place during a screening of The Purge: Infinite, which have been released in Spain a little over a week ago. It is … Read more

Criticism of The Purge: Infinite, the new film of the universe The Night of the Beasts by Blumhouse

Criticism of The Purge Infinite the new film of the

Review of The Purge: Infinite (Forever Purge), the new film in the universe The Night of the Beasts by Blumhouse that hits the billboards on July 16, 2021. How much play is the premise of the Night of the Beasts franchise! Since it was released in 2013 with the movie The purge: night of the … Read more

13 must-see premieres and releases for the weekend: ‘The Purge: Infinite’, ‘Loki’, Morbius and much more

A dystopian weekend is presented: from the homicides with state permission from the latest installment of ‘La Purga’ to the latest novel published in Spanish by Margaret Atwood, passing through the lysergic future of ‘Afterarty’. Even if If unflattering futures aren’t your thing, here are a few alternatives– You can see ‘Loki’ in one sitting, … Read more

‘The infinite purge’: a resounding fifth installment that successfully redefines a saga that was on the verge of exhaustion

1626391634 The infinite purge a resounding fifth installment that successfully redefines

It’s been eight years since it was released ‘The Purge: Night of the Beasts’, a horror thriller with a great premise but that at the moment of truth left a certain bitter taste because of the way he approached it. Since then three more films have been released and a tv series of two seasons, … Read more

Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness, the Netflix miniseries that surpasses the films of Milla Jovovich

Resident Evil Infinite Darkness the Netflix miniseries that surpasses the

For: Fernando Chuquillanqui Journalist, movie buff, collector, gamer. July 13, 2021 – 11:05 AM Throughout its long history, the saga Resident Evil he has known of triumphs and failures, both in his video game installments and in his (already several) forays into other formats, such as film, television, literature and even theater. Although recently we … Read more

Analysis of Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness, a series that fails to infect at all

Analysis of Resident Evil Infinite Darkness a series that fails

The new Resident Evil animated series follows in the footsteps of the previous films and places Leon and Claire in the world that would come after Resident Evil 4. Although the Cinematic repercussions of the Resident Evil universe have always become more popular around the Milla Jovovich movies, the truth is that the franchise already … Read more