Antena 3’s bread for ‘Family Secrets’, the Turkish series that will take over from ‘Infiel’

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Antena 3 returns to the charge with the turkish series. The main chain of Atresmedia has found in the Ottoman fictions its goose that lays the golden eggs and is not willing to miss the opportunity to get as much juice as possible from them. For this reason, even before the end of the telenovela … Read more

Antena 3 relegates the final stretch of ‘Infiel’ to late night to present ‘Family Secrets’

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A Turkish series does not end and another begins on Antena 3. One step from the end of ‘Unfaithful‘, Atresmedia goes ahead and launches ‘Family secrets‘. the new soap opera will start at 10:00 p.m. on Sunday, October 9 and will be followed by the last chapters of ‘Unfaithful’. The chain maintains its braiding of … Read more

As es la mujer con la que supuestamente Piqu habra sido infiel a Shakira

El escndalo vuelve a perseguir a Gerard Piqu, jugador del Barcelona, aunque esta vez nada tiene que ver con asuntos relacionados con el deporte. Segn asegur la periodista Laura Fa en su podcast ‘Mamarazzis’, en El Peridico, el futbolista fue infiel a Shakira y la pareja est inmersa en una crisis. La revista Cuore, adems, … Read more

‘Infiel’ es cancelada: La serie turca no tendrá temporada 3

Infiel es cancelada La serie turca no tendra temporada 3

Titulada ‘Sadakatsız’ en su idioma original, la ficción se encamina ya hacia su recta final. Infiel ha llegado a su fin. La serie turca reina de la programación de televisión de los últimos meses ha sido cancelada en su país de origen y se prepara ya para cerrar la historia de Asya (Cansu Dere). Kanal D ha … Read more

“Infiel”: schedule this weekend by Antena 3

1636254633 Infiel schedule this weekend by Antena 3

The story of the characters Asya and Volkan, played by Cansu Dere and Caner Cindoruk, respectively, in the soap opera “Unfaithful”Continues to generate great emotions among the thousands of followers and fans of the Ottoman production. In Spain the drama is broadcast on Antena 3. MORE INFORMATION: Volkan and Asya’s worst day and everything that … Read more

“Infiel”: what is the schedule this weekend of “Sadakatsiz” by Antena 3

1631985333 Infiel what is the schedule this weekend of Sadakatsiz by

“Unfaithful“, The Turkish telenovela that has just premiered its first season on Antena 3 arrived with great success on the programming grid of the Spanish television network, to the point that it is projected as the new phenomenon that will fill the void left by” My daughter “in the signal. And because of what happened … Read more

‘Infiel’, the new Turkish series of Antena 3, unleashes fan fever and asks for more days of broadcast

1631780318 Infiel the new Turkish series of Antena 3 unleashes fan

Fiction has been the most watched content on free-to-air television last Sunday. Turkish fiction continues to enamor viewers in Spain. After the success of titles such as Woman, My daughter and Love is in the air, the new series that has come stomping is Infiel. The Ottoman drama premiered last Sunday, September 5, on Antena … Read more

This is ‘Infiel’, why you should see the new Turkish series of Antena 3 that sweeps the audience

This is Infiel why you should see the new Turkish

Antena 3 continues to bet on Turkish series at the beginning of this new television season. And it is that the chain of San Sebastián de los Reyes has managed to harvest great audience data since they decided on this type of fiction to face its main rival, Telecinco. In this way, the main Atresmedia … Read more

“My daughter”: new schedule of the Turkish soap opera for the premiere of “Infiel” on Antena 3

1630535600 My daughter new schedule of the Turkish soap opera for

The Turkish soap opera “My daughter”, also known as “Kızım” in its original language, is nearing its end. The production, which is broadcast every Sunday on Antena 3 in Spain, has become a true television phenomenon that has high audience rates week after week. MORE INFORMATION: What will Öykü do with the money he found … Read more

‘Infiel’, the new Turkish series of Antena 3 already has a premiere date

1630531966 Infiel the new Turkish series of Antena 3 already has

Ottoman fictions have surprisingly high audience numbers in Spain. Antena 3 knows it and precisely because of this, it will bet ‘Infiel’, a serial about the adventures of love, disappointment, lies and revenge that star two characters called Asya Yilmaz and Volkan. Image of ‘Infiel’, the new series that will be broadcast by Antena 3 … Read more