One more Latina in Hollywood! Verónica Montes makes her way into the film industry

1684912965 One more Latina in Hollywood Veronica Montes makes her way

Vero Montes has worked on several novels since 2008 such as What a beautiful love, Forever my love, Love without reservation, among others. The pretty model who participated in Nuestra Belleza Latina in 2009, Vero Montes is making its way into hollywoodsince according to a person close to the actress, she told us that she … Read more

Google creates an AI that can revolutionize the music industry, but is too scared to publish it

1675011514 Google creates an AI that can revolutionize the music industry

The appearance of ChatGPT It has been one of the sensations of these last months. This new artificial intelligence, developed by OpenAI, has conquered millions of users thanks to its amazing power to hold conversations, create codes or solve moral dilemmas. And Google already has the AI ​​ready that can take some of the prominence … Read more

Who is Bizarrap? The ‘microphone’ of disputes in the world of the music industry

Who is Bizarrap The microphone of disputes in the world

The ‘shoots’ promoted by Bizarrap have put him in the public eye quite quickly, since artists of the moment such as Nathy Peluso, Duki, Nicki Nicole, Paulo Londra or Anuel AA have participated in them. And if someone still hadn’t had him in their sights, since January 11, when his session with Shakira came out, … Read more

Spotify’s crossroads: dominates the music industry, but remains unprofitable

Spotifys crossroads dominates the music industry but remains unprofitable.webp

Imagine dominating an industry that has generated billions of dollars over the last few decades., raised passions and generated some of the greatest idols. Sport, cinema, music? Let’s put the third. You are the channel of distribution for the majority of artists on Earth with their listeners, and yet you remain unprofitable. That is, in … Read more

Iñárritu, director of El Renacido, in favor of consuming cinema on computers but assures that the industry has a serious problem

1673665380 Inarritu director of El Renacido in favor of consuming cinema

There is constant discussion about where and how to consume cinemabut Alejandro González Irritudirector responsible for The Revenant either Bard, has hit the nail on the head, highlighting what really matters and why cinema is in crisis: that ideas in cinema are dying. The problem is not how we see a work; whether on a … Read more

Can the industry get TikTok to pay per view? – Music Industry

Anuel feat AMLO No the Puerto Rican singer did not

Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment and Warner Music Group are asking TikTok to share advertising revenue and increase the royalties it pays them for the rights, according to people familiar with the conversations in a report from fortune. Both sides have been negotiating all year and are trying to reach an agreement before their … Read more

Warner Music launches Out Of Order label for emerging markets – Music Industry

DirecTV confirms that it eliminates EWTN from its programming from

Warner Music’s Emerging Markets division has announced the launch of a new label, OUT OF ORDER, which will highlight artists, music, cultures and communities from Africa, India, the Middle East, South-East Europe and the Eastern Mediterranean. The label will be supported by Atlantic Records in the US and Parlophone in the UK, working in partnership … Read more