‘To Leslie’ with Andrea Riseborough: What is this Hollywood-acclaimed, Oscar-nominated indie film? – She

To Leslie with Andrea Riseborough What is this Hollywood acclaimed Oscar nominated

Published on January 25, 2023 at 2:57 p.m. ‘To Leslie’ with Andrea Riseborough: What is this Hollywood-acclaimed, Oscar-nominated indie film? – © Mister Smith Entertainment Andrea Risebourough is nominated in the best actress category at the 2023 Oscars for her role in “To Leslie”, an independent American film that went off the radar. A surprise … Read more

Ida Lupino, the mother of American indie cinema, honored on Arte

Four films from the mother of American independent cinema are to be seen in replay: The Voyage of Fear, Bigamy, Coping and Before You Love You. In 2020, Les Films du Camélia organized a retrospective of four films by Ida Lupino allowing us to rediscover the work of this forgotten filmmaker (yet the only one … Read more

The Bison Band: Touring the Plains of Indie Rock

The Bison Band Touring the Plains of Indie Rock

There are four instruments and four members: the brothers Daniel and Jerónimo Betancur, Miguel Spitaletta and Otto Díaz. Photo: Courtesy It is night. There are psychedelic lights, sex, drugs and alcohol. There is moonlight and night shadows. Again sex, drugs and alcohol. are also heard guitars, drums, keyboards and bass. It is the story of … Read more

Primavera Sound: from indie festival for 8,000 people to global franchise

Primavera Sound from indie festival for 8000 people to global scaled

Sao Paulo Updated Saturday, November 5, 2022 – 11:47 More than 300,000 spectators will attend the first editions of the festival in Los Angeles (USA), São Paulo (Brazil), Buenos Aires (Argentina) and Santiago (Chile) Public of Primavera Sound in Barcelona in 2022.EFE Spring Sound In two decades, it has gone from being a rarity for … Read more

“I hate Metallica, it’s the worst band in the world”: The blunt opinion of an indie icon – MariskalRock.com

I hate Metallica its the worst band in the world

November 1, 2022 2:41 pm published by Drafting – It is well known that there is nothing written about tastes. The increasing popularity that Metallica is experiencing Due to the rise of the Stranger Things series, it is not something that everyone likes. There is even an indie icon who has a pretty strong opinion … Read more

We interview Cut Copy, the Australian indie dance band

We interview Cut Copy the Australian indie dance band

We interview Cut Copy, the Australian indie dance band that will soon perform in Barcelona, ​​Valencia and Madrid While for many bands the hiatus due to the pandemic was an ideal moment to create, the Australians Cut Copy took it as a time of rest, retrospective and reflection. Just before confinement they finished their latest … Read more

They cancel the Zahara Indie festival for not having the permits

Young man dubs famous anime and movies into Quechua on

The excess of music festivals in our country is leaving numerous success stories but also some high-profile cancellations like the one that happened this summer with the Puro Reggaeton Festival or the one that just happened with ZaharaIndie. This small festival was about to celebrate its first edition this October 14 and 15 in the … Read more


“Morning Blue” is the latest single from Giant Rooks since their successful debut album: rookerywhich caused a sensation in Germany (No. 3 on the official album charts) as well as internationally with over 200 million streams and high chart positions. This release closes a two-year creative phase for singer Frederik Rabe, guitarist Finn Schwieters, bassist … Read more

What to watch on Amazon Prime Video: an indie gem full of mystery, icy horror, and chilling drama

What to watch on Amazon Prime Video an indie gem

Extreme independence is as limiting and exhausting as it is, paradoxically, liberating. In this context, a filmmaker like Jim Cummingssomeone of whom Espinof has told his kindness in the past with works like ‘The Beta Test‘. Even though the limitations or its particular tone may be difficult for many to enter, there is no doubt … Read more