Ilse de Flans revealed what went through her mind when she fainted at a concert

The singer felt a tingling in the body and then withdrew. Some days ago, Ilse Olivo of Custard suffered a health emergency during his concert at the GNP Insurance Forum of Merida, Yucatan; which concerned all attendees. In the final stretch of the show, the singer of eighties hits disappeared from the stage and received … Read more

Ilse de Flans vanished in full concert

Ilse Olivo suffered a “heat stroke” in full presentation with Flans The public that attended this Friday June 17 at the GNP Insurance Forum of Merida, Yucatanwas able to enjoy the concert of the unexpected tourwhere the talents of flans and pandorathe two female pop groups highlights of the decade from the 80s in Spanish. … Read more

The video of the fainted Flans singer goes viral: Ilse is seen on the floor in full concert and causes concern among her fans | Music | Entertainment

Custard is a musical trio that had its moment of fame during the eighties, made up of Ilse Mary Olivo, Yvonne Guevara and Irma Hernandez. Currently, he is in the middle of the “Unexpected Tour”, for some cities of Mexicoin conjunction with Pandora, another female musical trio that was also successful in the eighties. And … Read more

This is how Ilse de Flans remembers her 7-year romance with Manuel Mijares

When talking about the love life of Manuel Mijares, it is inevitable to think of Lucero, mother of his two children; However, before linking his life to “America’s Bride”, the interpreter had a rather long intermittent romance with Ilse Olivo. Ilse and Manuel Mijares / Mexico Agency The person in charge of confirming this information … Read more