¡Taylor Swift lo hace de nuevo! Anuncia colaboración con Ice Spice y Lana del Rey para ‘Midnights: Til Dawn’

Taylor Swift sorprendió a todos los swifties al dar a conocer poco antes del mediodía que hay nuevo Midnights Deluxe. Bajo el título ‘Midnights: Til Dawn’ la nueva edición contiene un remix de su éxito ‘Karma’ junto a la rapera Ice Spice, una nueva versión de ‘Snow on the beach’ y una canción nueva. Continúa … Read more

Ice fishing will be expensive for outfitters this winter

Ice fishing will be expensive for outfitters this winter

One of the three outfitter owners, Mélanie Davis-Lavoie of Pêche Aventures Saguenay, was never informed beforehand of this significant increase. We are aware of the increases and we are able to assume the first of $65. The other surprise from Saguenay is $200 more per lotexplains Mélanie Davis-Lavoie, who owns 48 rental cabins. The $65 … Read more

Anna Delvey, Whose Shocking Scam Inspired Netflix Series, Finally Released From ICE Prison

Symphonic Distribution buys marketing agency Streaming Promotions Music Industry

(TELEMUNDO ATLANTA).- Fake socialite and convicted swindler Anna Delvey, also known as Anna Sorokin, whose scheme inspired a popular Netflix series, has been released from prison where she was held in U.S. immigration custody to serve house arrest, immigration officials and their spokesman said. Sorokin is under home confinement in New York City, his spokeswoman … Read more

The ice queen. Angelique Boyer’s reaction to Sebastián Rulli’s reunion with his ex

Sebastian Rulli and Angelique Boyer September 07, 2022 5:02 p.m. YOU MAY ALSO LIKE: Sebastián Rulli is a well-known soap opera heartthrob on Mexican television, thanks to his attractive appearance he has starred in various series, including those in which he shared the star with actress Angelique Boyer, it was during those recording times that … Read more

Seventy years of ‘Roman Holidays’, the film that created the idyllic image of a city of ‘vespas’ and ice creams

Seventy years of Roman Holidays the film that created the

It is a fable and as such it happened a long time ago in a place far away. At least by Hollywood standards. Holidays in Rome it was one of the first major American productions to be shot outside of the mecca of cinema. It happened in the Italian capital 70 years ago now. the … Read more

Sergio Catalán left soap operas 13 years ago and now sells ice cream: this is what he looks like at 49

Sergio Catalán was quite a telenovela heartthrob in the 90s and the mid-2000s. The actor gained fame at the age of 24 with his role as Diego de la Mora in ‘Bendita Mentira, where he shared the screen with Mariana Levy and Angélica María. After moving away from acting, Sergio Catalán did not really say … Read more

“Love and ice cream”, “The man from Toronto” and more Netflix premieres to watch this weekend

Love and ice cream The man from Toronto and more

A university student enjoys the summer of her life in Rome thanks to her mother’s old diary, while falling in love with the charms of the city, its people and, of course, the ice cream. (Netflix) This weekend, Netflix has five different movie premieres to marathon alone, with friends or family. From the romantic story … Read more

Scrat from Ice Age: Blue Sky Studios fires the character

1649972038 Scrat from Ice Age Blue Sky Studios fires the character

The end has come! Although ‘Blue Sky Studios’, creators of the ‘Ice Age’, announced that a year ago they closed by order of Disney, they recently gave him a worthy goodbye to one of its emblematic characters: Scrat, the famous squirrel who chased an acorn in ‘Ice Age’. The emotional farewell caused a furor among … Read more

“The Ice Road” on Netflix: are the years taking their toll on Liam Neeson? | REVIEW

1647461374 The Ice Road on Netflix are the years taking their

According to the criteria of Know more How is it possible to safeguard the well-earned prestige of an action actor like Liam Neeson when it is already in its seventh decade of life? The protagonist of the successful trilogy “Relentless search” is not the same as a decade and a half ago, however, he continues … Read more