The Astroworld festival safety plan did not include a protocol for a human avalanche

The Astroworld festival safety plan did not include a protocol

A 56-page plan of operations for the astroworld music festival that was held in Texas last Friday included protocols for dangerous scenarios, such as an active shooter, bomb or terrorist threats and severe weather, but no information on what to do in the event of a human avalanche. That is what authorities believe happened on … Read more

How to survive a human stampede: tips that can save your life

How to survive a human stampede tips that can save

After the human stampede that broke out at the Astroworld Festival during the rapper’s concert Travis Scott, who claimed 8 lives and left a good number of wounded, it is normal to ask is there something that can be done to protect oneself if one gets caught in a crowd? These tips from security specialists … Read more

FBI confirms discovery of human remains believed to be Gabby Petito’s

The FBI confirmed the discovery of human remains that it believes are those of Gabby Petito, the young woman from Long Island who had been missing since September 12. The remains were found in the Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming, the FBI reported at a news conference Sunday afternoon. The cause of his death … Read more

“Cars”: why no human appears in the saga

1631685156 Cars why no human appears in the saga

“Cars”Is one of the films most appreciated and loved by fans who like animated films. Many children grew up watching this spectacular franchise and, now, the same followers are the ones who wonder why no human being appears in the saga, despite the fact that the history of this production is based on cars, which … Read more

“He was a good man, he was a good soul, a great human being”, Devastated Eugenio Derbez in Hoy

He was a good man he was a good soul

“Very sad”: Eugenio Derbez talks about Sammy Pérez in Hoy | Instagram After the unfortunate news of Sammy perez who left fighting to overcome the complications derived from v1rus, Eugenio Derbez broke the silence in Today and he was shocked: “I am very sad.” It should be remembered that Sammy perez He remained hospitalized after … Read more

“Druk”: the power of drink and human fallibility

Druk the power of drink and human fallibility

20 Jul 2021 – 10:43 p. m. Review of the film “Druk”, which proposes various reflections, some deeply existential, other practices such as mental health and how little educators are valued, even in a developed country. It is strange to come across the recent film by director Thomas Vinterberg and see only minimal references to the … Read more

Matt Damon, a very human star at the Cannes Film Festival

Matt Damon a very human star at the Cannes Film

Nice, humble and with a lot of patience to sign autographs. Matt Damon came to the Cannes Film Festival as a star, but also as a reality-conscious human being to present “Stillwater,” out of competition. “We are living a very inhuman reality” due to “the lack of contact.” “This is not how we are supposed … Read more

Kenneth Branagh wanted to bring Shakespeare to his working parents: he shows him human, in his later years

1625679305 Kenneth Branagh wanted to bring Shakespeare to his working parents

The world is a stage and men and women are mere actors, wrote William Shakespeare, unaware that his own life would be recreated by actors and actresses who remain fascinated by the power of his legacy. One of them is Kenneth Branagh, who has just premiered in Latin America Everything is true (All is True), … Read more

‘We are human, they have not paid us’: journalist ‘dispatches’ live

We are human they have not paid us journalist dispatches

One particular episode occurred on the national television of Zambia, country South African, when journalist Kabinda Kalimina decided to complain to the air about his bosses. During the broadcast of the weekend newscast, the presenter greeted his viewers, read the headlines as usual, and then began his protest. (You may be interested in: Carolina Cruz … Read more

Julianne Moore: “‘Lisey’s Story’ combines reality, fantasy and human relationships”

Julianne Moore Liseys Story combines reality fantasy and human relationships

Although one associates her work with the cinema, not many know that Julianne Moore began on television, in eight episodes of the soap opera Edge of night , and that then followed in the legendary As the world turns , to which she returned for a scene in 2010 when she had already been nominated … Read more