Road house: Jake Gyllenhaal saca msculo en la pelcula ms irresistiblemente estpida del ao

Road house Jake Gyllenhaal saca musculo en la pelicula mas

Los 80 fueron una década profundamente estúpida. Y lo fueron hasta tal extremo que pocos periodos de la historia del cine acumulan tantas producciones que el tiempo ha convertido en objeto, que no solo películas, de culto. No es fácil definir qué sea lo que transforma una película, generalmente mala (o solo escacharrada), en un … Read more

“House of the Dragon” ofrece un vistazo a la temporada 2: Alicent y Rhaenyra lideran los grupos enfrentados

House of the Dragon ofrece un vistazo a la temporada

“House of the Dragon” es una serie derivada del universo de “Game of Thrones” que se emitió en 2022. (HBO) Este viernes, HBO presentó los pósters oficiales de la segunda temporada de House of the Dragon, el aclamado spin-off de Game of Thrones. La reina Alicent Hightower (Olivia Cooke) y la princesa Rhaenyra Targaryen (Emma … Read more

Leonardo DiCaprio Transformed His Malibu Beach House Into ‘Titanic House’ With Towels, Posters Everything Revolving Around The Film Post The Film’s Historic Box Office Success

Leonardo DiCaprio Transformed His Malibu Beach House Into Titanic House

Did You Know Leonardo DiCaprio Dedicated His Malibu Beach House To James Cameron’s Titanic Following Its Global Success ( Photo Credit – IMDb ) Leonardo DiCaprio has given many blockbuster movies throughout his career. The actor has no limits when it comes to exploring his acting potential. He goes the extra mile to bring his … Read more

Lyric vídeo de MÖTLEY CRÜE. Fallece el batería de W.A.S.P. y L.A. GUNS Steve Riley. Fechas de HOUSE OF DAWN.

Lyric video de MOTLEY CRUE Fallece el bateria de WASP

  Lyric vídeo de MÖTLEY CRÜE – Fallece el batería de W.A.S.P. y L.A. GUNS Steve Riley – Fechas de HOUSE OF DAWN MÖTLEY CRÜE han estrenado un nuevo lyric vídeo para el tema “In The Beginning/Shout At The Devil”. BMG sacó en agosto un lanzamiento especial dedicado a MÖTLEY CRÜE titulado “Year Of The … Read more

“I have a bad feeling”. George RR Martin reveals that his contract with HBO has been suspended and explains the situation of ‘The House of the Dragon’ in the midst of a strike by actors and writers

I have a bad feeling George RR Martin reveals that

That Hollywood is going through one of its worst crises in decades —with the permission of the pandemic—, more than a lapidary phrase with sensational overtones, it is a reality. The functioning of the current American industry is in a potential process of changeand the strikes by the actors and screenwriters unions seem to be … Read more

George RR Martin Shares Important Update on the Filming of House of the Dragon Season 2

The Barbie movie always planned the inclusion of the most

Despite the writers’ and actors’ strike, the production of season 2 of The House of the Dragon continues and its shooting is going from strength to strength, as reported by George RR Martin. Although the Hollywood industry is practically paralyzed by the writers’ and actors’ strike, certain productions escape this sieve, such as season 2 … Read more

White House Down: why Channing Tatum hesitated to play in the film

White House Down why Channing Tatum hesitated to play in

In “White House Down”, Channing Tatum plays a policeman who does everything to protect his daughter, the President of the United States and hostages of terrorists who have taken over the White House. A blockbuster in the line of “Piège de cristal” in which the actor hesitated to participate, not wanting to lock himself in … Read more

Sergio Mayer and Nicola SPY on Wendy while she bathes in the House of Celebrities: “it’s harassment”

Sergio Mayer and Nicola SPY on Wendy while she bathes

The great relationship from the fourth hell has already gone from tone to tone ‘The House of the Famous’, since to nicola It seemed like a great idea to spy on Wendy Guevara while bathing, calling Sergio Mayer for him to see, so comments about the body followed between shouts and laughter in the bathroom. … Read more

Schedule to see “The House of Famous Mexico” via Las Estrellas from June 5 to 11

Schedule to see The House of Famous Mexico via Las

“The House of Famous Mexico” has confirmed the participants of its edition in 2023 and has debuted on television on Sunday, June 4, through the signal of the television channel Las Estrellas and other platforms. The TelevisaUnivision reality show has kept the name of its last participant and has started its season with controversies, curious … Read more