It lasts less than two hours and stars Keanu Reeves: the chilling Netflix movie that everyone is watching

It lasts less than two hours and stars Keanu Reeves

Netflix put on your billboard a movie from the year 2000, which revives its original success: “Premonition”. A history of intrigue and mystery with Cate Blanchett and Keanu Reeves. The script was written by Billy Bob Thornton and Tom Epperson, and the film was directed by Sam Raimi. Although it was produced as an independent … Read more

The latest movie that is killing it on Netflix: it lasts two hours and is based on real events

The latest movie that is killing it on Netflix it

Stories based on real events are the order of the day. A product that both in the cinema and in the field of streaming works quite well. The recent success of Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story either The secret of the Greco family is the living proof and it is of course, a new true … Read more

Gal Costa died: the moving video shared by the Brazilian singer hours before her death

Gal Costa died the moving video shared by the Brazilian

Brazilian singer Gal Costa passed away at the age of 77 – Credits: @Jordi Vidal Sadness in the world of music. This Wednesday, November 9 Brazilian singer Gal Costa has died at the age of 77. His relatives confirmed the information to Or Balloon and the cause of death is still unknown. When the news … Read more

Bad hours for Bill Murray: 6 examples of allegations of inappropriate behavior that threaten his career | UPR

Bad hours for Bill Murray 6 examples of allegations of

It is known throughout Hollywood: working with Bill Murray can be a nightmare. The great comedian emerged from the hosts of “Saturday night Live” He has a long career as a film actor, with great roles to his credit and two major awards (Golden Globe and BAFTA) for his work in Lost in Tokyo, 2003. … Read more

This is how Pedro Infante’s inheritance disappeared a few hours after his death

Estereo Picnic among the 50 best festivals in the world

Pedro Infante He was one of the most outstanding artists of the Golden age of Mexican cinema, participated in 61 films and also recorded around 310 songs. This would lead him to form a great fortune since 1948, unfortunately, he could not enjoy his family. After the death of the Idol of the People in … Read more

The movie that Netflix recovered and is the most watched: it lasts two hours and stars Kristen Stewart

The movie that Netflix recovered and is the most

At the time of its release, the film was not as successful as expected. One month after its theatrical release in USAthe global box office takings of ‘Charlie’s Angels‘ was $55.8 million, which is pretty weak for a movie that cost $50 million to make. Now the most famous of the new angel trio, Kristen … Read more

Netflix: the Brazilian film that lasts less than two hours and is all the rage

Netflix the Brazilian film that lasts less than two

“Wife for Hire” premiered on October 4, lasts 1 hour and 47 minutes, and features the participation of Caio Castro, Thati Lopes, Patricya, Travassos, Mariana Xavier, Fafá Rennó, Bruna Louise, Polliana Aleixo, Flávio Pardal, Arthur Kohl, Danielle Winits and Danilo de Moura. In addition, it was directed by the renowned Brazilian film director, Chris D’Amato. … Read more

More than 24 hours of camping: Pablo Alborán’s concert unleashes madness in Zaragoza – Aragón Digital

More than 24 hours of camping Pablo Alborans concert unleashes

After a first weekend of free concerts in the Plaza del Pilar where La Pegatina and Fangoria came out as great winners, Zaragozans and visitors will once again vibrate these days to the rhythm of the artists who will visit the city. Among them, it is expected Pablo Alboran from Malaga Be one of the … Read more

The story of Jimi Hendrix’s last concert: it was chaotic and he died 48 hours after an overdose

The story of Jimi Hendrixs last concert it was chaotic

The guitarist performed in Germany and a short time later he died after taking pills. the legendary guitarist Jimi Hendrix died in London when he was only 27 years old, leaving a lasting legacy, even called “the greatest instrumentalist in the history of rock music” by the Hall of Fame. Rock and Roll fame. In … Read more

Netflix’s most watched horror movie: an adaptation of Stephen King that lasts two hours

Netflixs most watched horror movie an adaptation of Stephen King.webp

This production was recently released and ranks first among the most viewed on the platform. Netflix continues to add new productions to its catalog that quickly become the most chosen on the platform. Mr. Harrigan’s phoneIt is the most viewed of the moment. This horror movie is an adaptation … Read more