Vicente Fernández, who is still hospitalized, undergoes a tracheostomy | People | Entertainment

Vicente Fernandez who is still hospitalized undergoes a tracheostomy

The 81-year-old singer of ranchero music gradually regains mobility in his arms and legs. You are weak but awake while receiving medical treatment. Agencies August 16, 2021 – 12:37 p.m. The world of entertainment and its followers are attentive to the evolution of the clinical picture of the icon of ranchera music Vicente Fernández. After … Read more

From Texas to Guadalajara: Vicente Fernández fan travels to “give support” to the hospitalized singer

From Texas to Guadalajara Vicente Fernandez fan travels to give

GUADALAJARA – Admirers of the Mexican singer Vicente Fernández on Saturday gave creative samples of their affection for the ranchero interpreter, who for a week has been in poor health after a fall in his native Guadalajara. Since the news of his hospitalization last weekend, his fans have come to the clinic to sing to … Read more

Actress and singer Patricia Navidad is hospitalized for covid-19, after denying the existence of the virus – El Comercio

Actress and singer Patricia Navidad is hospitalized for covid 19 after

Mexican actress and singer Patricia Christmas, one of the main deniers of the existence of covid-19, it’s found hospitalized by complications of the coronavirus, according to the newspaper The universal, of Mexico. The 48-year-old woman objected to the covid vaccines and to the use of masks and commented on his skepticism towards the new virus … Read more

She said she did not believe in the coronavirus and is now hospitalized fighting the disease

Read transcript 17 million.Carolina: just like the checkthat we receive every week.borja: even though I saidnot believe in the existence ofcoronavirus and for months itwent on to assure that it was ainvention, paty christmas is ahas the details for us.ayén: paty christmas not onlytested positive for covid19,but also seúnconfirmed to “Ventaneando” washospitalized. is delicatebut stable, … Read more

Mexican singer Marco Antonio Muñiz hospitalized

1628704847 Mexican singer Marco Antonio Muniz hospitalized

Giulio Marcocchi / Sipa Press./LatinGrammy_gm.234/0911061312 Marco Antonio Muniz According to the program Wake up America (Univision), the singer Marco Antonio Muñiz, known for memorable boleros such as Let them murmur, Jealous Y A year ago, was hospitalized, for one to be operated on for a hernia. The decision to hospitalize the The luxury of Mexico … Read more

Bob Odenkirk has been hospitalized after collapsing on the set of Better Call Saul

1627491099 Bob Odenkirk has been hospitalized after collapsing on the set

The star of Better Call Saul, Bob Odenkirk, was Rushed to hospital Tuesday after reportedly collapsing on set of the series (spin off of Breaking Bad) by AMC. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Odenkirk, 58, was filming the sixth and final season of Better Call Saul in Albuquerque, New Mexico, when the incident occurred. Members … Read more

Vicente Fernández is hospitalized: this is known about the health of the 81-year-old Mexican singer

Read transcript vicente ferández, we areworried.we go with you.rúl: don vicente ferández hasbeen hospitalized and we haveteam coverage forknow the details about yourhealth condition. in Guadalajarait’s foundour correspondent in frontfrom the hospital with the details.céntanos que se sabe enéstemomentI’m outside the hospital wherehe if he goes when he hasany health condition.and it is what awakened … Read more

“I have defeated the aneurysm”: David Páramo announced his return to television after 65 days hospitalized

I have defeated the aneurysm David Paramo announced his return

David Páramo (Photo: Twitter @ Francis86348420) David Paramo, the so-called “Father of Superior Analysis”, He returned to television in the form of audio, because through a message he announced that overcame your aneurysm and will be back very soon. Ciro Gomez Leyva, a communicator, revealed during his program on Imagen Televisión that after 65 days … Read more

Luis Miguel, hospitalized after suffering an accident

1625326830 Luis Miguel hospitalized after suffering an accident

The singer Luis Miguel He has had to be hospitalized after suffering an accident, a fall that has caused a fracture in his shoulder and for which he has needed medical intervention. The 51-year-old artist is in Los Angeles, staying for months in a luxurious hotel that is now serving as a place of recovery. … Read more