Nacho asks for a miracle for the health of his friend Chyno Miranda: Rumors assure that the Venezuelan singer is hospitalized for his serious health condition | People | Entertainment

The bad news about the health of Chyno Miranda They reappear after Miguel Ignacio Mendoza, artistically known as Nacho, alerted his thousands of fans to pray for his friend in the face of the medical condition in which he plunged again. What is known (so far) about Chyno Miranda For years, the singers were one … Read more

The Hotel of the Famous: Silvina Luna returned to reality after being hospitalized

1649404183 The Hotel of the Famous Silvina Luna returned to reality

After having been hospitalized for several days, Silvina Luna returned to the Hotel of the Famous. The actress surprised her companions, who were not aware of her return, and also the viewers, who did not have either too many details of what happened to her from the moment in which it was decided to leave … Read more

Tania Tinoco is hospitalized for an arrhythmia; relatives and Ecuavisa ask for respect for her privacy | People | Entertainment

Tania Tinoco is hospitalized for an arrhythmia relatives and Ecuavisa

the journalist Tania Tinoco He is in delicate health, as confirmed by the presenter Charles Vera on her Twitter account, who reported that she was admitted to the clinic for a arrhythmia. Vera stated that she had contact with Bruce Hardman, husband of the communicator, to find out about Tinoco’s condition. “She asks me to … Read more

Juan Osorio is hospitalized: his girlfriend Eva Daniela informs the producer’s state of health

Juan Osorio is hospitalized his girlfriend Eva Daniela informs the

Juan Osorio was hospitalized in the middle of the recordings of the second season of the series “The last king: the son of the people”. The producer surprised and alarmed celebrities and their fans by revealing a series of photos in which he appeared in a hospital bed. Juan Osorio appears in a hospital: this … Read more

The Hotel of the Famous: after receiving the results of a blood test, Silvina Luna had to be hospitalized

The Hotel of the Famous after receiving the results of

After the challenge of the week between the staff members, Silvina Moon started to feel bad. “After the game, I went to take a shower and I started to feel bad, with a lot of headache, palpitations. They took my blood pressure and it was very high; and I usually keep it low”, the actress … Read more

Capi Pérez is hospitalized, undergoes preventive surgery

Capi Perez is hospitalized undergoes preventive surgery

Capi Pérez is hospitalized, undergoes preventive surgery | INSTAGRAM The popular and beloved driver from Aztec TV, Cap Perezhad to make it known through his social networks that he was treated at the hospital and that he had to have a surgery preventative a few hours ago, but she’s doing very well now. The famous … Read more

Tragedy on Televisa: Actor found beaten and unconscious; he is hospitalized serious

Tragedy on Televisa Actor found beaten and unconscious he is

Cuernavaca, Morelos.- On Televisa faces a new tragedywell they just find Guillermo Mendeza famous and renowned actor, in the streets of Morelos unconscious and beatenso it had to be hospitalized and reported in state seriousafter more than 24 hours disappeared. Related news Click here and discover more information about Puro Show on our Google News … Read more

‘Chyno’ Miranda suffers a relapse in his health and would be hospitalized in Venezuela

According to various reports, Jesus Miranda, better known as ‘Chyno’ Miranda, is hospitalized in his native Venezuela. These reports come in the midst of total secrecy on the part of the singer, whose last post on social networks was last September, where he announced his withdrawal from the networks and from the public eye. A … Read more

After the death of her son, the Irish singer Sinéad O’Connor is hospitalized

After the death of her son the Irish singer Sinead

Sinead O’Connor Sinead O’Connor His posts raised the alarm of his followers and followers, and soon O’Connor contacted the security forces to accompany her to voluntarily enter a care center: “I apologize for worrying everyone. I feel lost without my son and I hate myself. The hospital it will help for a while, but I’m … Read more

They reveal the condition of Eduin Caz that keeps him hospitalized: it is not covid-19

They reveal the condition of Eduin Caz that keeps him

On Tuesday, December 28, a photograph of the singer went viral Eduin Caz where he can be seen in a hospital bed surrounded by medical personnel. After a wave of speculation about his health, on the night of this Wednesday 29 the representative agency of Grupo Firme sent a statement to give the details of … Read more