Kate Winslet Hospitalized After Accident on ‘Lee’ Set

Kate Winslet Hospitalized After Accident on Lee Set

Kate Winslet. Photo: John Phillips/Getty Images The actress Kate Winslet was rushed to a hospital after suffering an accident while filming the biopic ‘Lee’ on location in Croatia, the Deadline news portal reported. According to a small statement, the Oscar winner apparently fell while on the set of the movie. Fortunately, a spokesman for the … Read more

Marciano Cantero, singer of Los Enanitos Verdes, is hospitalized in intensive care for a kidney complication

Marciano Cantero singer of Los Enanitos Verdes is hospitalized in

One of the national rock icons of the ’80s and ’90s, Horacio “Marciano” Canterolead voice of Los Enanitos Verdes He is admitted to intensive care in a private clinic in Mendoza. The 62-year-old musician has returned to live in Mendoza, his native province. In recent weeks he had a kidney complication that required a kidney … Read more

Marciano Cantero, leader of the Green Dwarfs, was hospitalized in serious condition

Marciano Cantero leader of the Green Dwarfs was hospitalized in

Marciano Cantero, leader of Los Enanitos Verdes, was hospitalized urgently This Tuesday it transpired that they urgently admitted Horace Edward Martian Stonecuttermain composer, bassist and leader of the Enanitos Verdes. The singer, who has just turned 62, was admitted in serious condition on August 29 at the Cuyo Clinic, located in the province of Mendoza … Read more

Andrés García is hospitalized: hours before he said he felt that “he is near his end”

Andrés García was hospitalized on Wednesday morning, hours after he reported that he had suffered a severe fall as a result of his vulnerable state of health, according to Roberto Palazuelos. In an interview for the Hoy program, Palazuelos reported that García had to be hospitalized. “I found out a moment ago, I received a … Read more

Silvina Luna was hospitalized: her health picture “is being complicated”

The model and former participant of The Hotel of the famous, Silvina Moonremains hospitalized and her health condition is being controlled by specialists since “it is being very complicated.” This was reported by the panelist Paula Varela in Show Partners, where he gave the details of what happened. Silvina was taking a ride on a … Read more

Silvina Luna was hospitalized urgently: “It is being very complicated”

The 15 worst albums of classic rock bands

Silvina Moon was admitted to the emergency room again. It is known that his state of health is delicate due to all the consequences that he faces as a result of the malpractice of the plastic surgeon Aníbal Lotocki, but this time a new infection took her to the emergency room. Silvina she is used … Read more

Travis Barker, Blink 182 drummer and husband of Kourtney Kardashian, was hospitalized

Travis Barker Blink 182 drummer and husband of Kourtney Kardashian

Travis Barker is rushed to the hospital with Kourtney by his side (The Grosby Group) The drummer of the American band Blink-182, Travis Barker, was urgently hospitalized in Los Angeles for reasons that were not reported, but some messages written by the musician himself and by his daughter on social networks worried fans. “God save … Read more

Convicted producer Raphy Pina hospitalized

The music producer, Rafael “Raphy” Pina Nieves, is in the medical unit of the Metropolitan Detention Center (MDC) after his blood sugar levels rose after his admission to prison. Mr. Javier Micheo said in a television interview with Lo Sé Todo that he spoke with his client Raphy Pina and is “in good spirits, he … Read more

Yeison Jiménez was urgently hospitalized in Medellín: “I couldn’t take it anymore”

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Nacho asks for a miracle for the health of his friend Chyno Miranda: Rumors assure that the Venezuelan singer is hospitalized for his serious health condition | People | Entertainment

The bad news about the health of Chyno Miranda They reappear after Miguel Ignacio Mendoza, artistically known as Nacho, alerted his thousands of fans to pray for his friend in the face of the medical condition in which he plunged again. What is known (so far) about Chyno Miranda For years, the singers were one … Read more