Kate Winslet, star of “Titanic”, went to the emergency hospital

Kate Winslet, star of Titanic, went to the emergency hospital. | Special: Instagram Kate Winslet. the acclaimed actress Kate Winslet She was hospitalized in an emergency this weekend, after suffering a leg injury during the recording of a film being shot in Croatia, according to foreign media. The Oscar winner is bringing legendary American photojournalist … Read more

Peruvian actor and singer Diego Bertie dies, according to hospital source in Lima

Peruvian actor and singer Diego Bertie dies according to hospital

Photo: Instagram @diegobertieb (CNN Spanish) — actor and singer Diego Bertie died at dawn this Friday at the age of 54, as confirmed by the Casimiro Ulloa Hospital in Lima, where the artist was treated. According to the statement, Bertie entered that health center at 4:10 this Friday, Peru time and was treated by doctors, … Read more

Roberto Palazuelos confirms that Andrés García ended up in the hospital due to a heavy fall

Meta prepares to have headwinds in the second half of

Apparently in recent weeks the world of entertainment is only receiving devastating or controversial news, as well as worrying, as was the case of the emergency hospitalization suffered by the Dominican actor, Andres Garciawho would have suffered a spectacular fall, was announced by the businessman and also an actor, Robert Palazuelos. During an interview for … Read more

Rafael Araneda spends Father’s Day in an emergency hospital: this is what happened to him

Raphael Araneda had to pass the Father’s day in undesirable circumstances: emergency admission to a hospital. it was the same presenter of falling in love who made his circumstances known this Sunday, June 19, while many dads in the US celebrate with their families. Rafael Araneda is hospitalized: this is known about his health The … Read more

Who was El Noba, the singer of “Cumbia 420” who died after ten days in hospital

Who was El Noba the singer of Cumbia 420 who

After spending 10 days hospitalized for the fatal accident he suffered, the singer of “Cumbia 420” Lautaro Colonelpopularly known as The Noba. During his short career in music, he knew how to make a place for himself in the field without forgetting his origins, since the neighborhood that saw him grow up was always present … Read more

Jason Momoa goes to hospital after accident on the set of Fast and Furious

A few weeks ago It was reported that the filming of the next installment of Fast and furious, call The Fast X, had already started, which excited fans. The creators of the production indicated that this film will serve to start the final stretch of the story that began in the year 2001. For this … Read more

“Things will not be fine”, Silvia Pinal to the hospital, assures Mhoni Vidente

Silvia Pinal to the hospital, assures Mhoni Vidente bad news | Reform ¡Silvia Pinal to the hospital! This was the strong vision that Mhoni Vidente has had and has shared in his video of predictions for the Famous in this month of May, assuring that not only the Guzmán Pinal family will be having a … Read more

Andrés García reveals what led him to stay in bed in a hospital in Mexico

1649818142 Andres Garcia reveals what led him to stay in bed

Andrés García with his wife Margarita Portillo Instagram/ A. Garcia The octogenarian actor of Dominican origin Andrés García, a legend of Mexican cinema, theater and soap operas for more than half a century, made headlines again when he reappeared on social networks lying in a hospital bed with a listless appearance. In the image, the … Read more

J Balvin takes his mother out of the hospital and hints at Resident: “Who won the war”?

J Balvin takes his mother out of the hospital and

J Balvin celebrates his mother’s progress. Photo: Nicholas Hunt. /Getty Images After the scandal and the diverse reactions that this second round has had between the vocalist of 13TH Street, Residentand the reggaeton J Balvin. The latter has taken care of what he considers most important at the moment, which is his mother’s health. Alba … Read more

The shocking blow to an Argentine player in French rugby that left him knocked out and sent him to the hospital: “They already turned on the TV”

The shocking blow to an Argentine player in French rugby

The violent blow that left Argentine Chocobares KO in French rugby Hearts stopped during the duel they held Toulouse of the Argentines Santiago Chocobars and Juan Cruz Mallia against him Pau by the date 18 of France Top 14. An action 10 minutes into the second half ended with Knockout Chocobars and lying on the … Read more