‘The Black Phone’: Why Ethan Hawke Hates Horror Movies

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The horror movie on Netflix that they claim is cursed; Inspired by disturbing true events: Trailer

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The incredible Chris Hemsworth horror thriller that is sweeping Amazon Video

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The acclaimed horror film forgotten by the Oscars that arrived at HBO Max

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What is “The Black Phone”, Ethan Hawke’s horror movie, about?

The horror film “The Black Phone” portrays Ethan Hawke as a serial killer. Scott Derrickson swaps ‘Doctor Strange’ sequel for ‘Labyrinth’ 10 horror movies based on real life cases Although Ethan Hawke, who recently He was the villain in “Moon Knight”had promised never again to work in a horror movie; Scott Derrickson, director of “The … Read more

6 horror movies where the supernatural element is not the antagonist

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