Elena Ferrante’s novels found a home on Netflix: what is “The lying life of adults” like?

Elena Ferrantes novels found a home on Netflix what is

Elisabetta Povoledo, The New York Times / Romelike the novel by Elena Ferrante on which it is based, the first line of The lying life of adults of Netflix It is delivered by the precocious teenage protagonist, Giovanna, who listens behind the door as her parents talk about her. “Before leaving home, my father told … Read more

Thiago from Big Brother: the greatest pain he suffered at home, the truth about his relationship with Nacho and why he is glad to have been left out of reality

Thiago from Big Brother the greatest pain he suffered at

In Big Brother There are several types of players: there are those who argue openly, those who propose subtle strategies, or those who try to look good with everyone, hiding their true nature. And there are profiles like Thiagowhich are not the most common. The young man established himself in reality as a figure much … Read more

Johnny Depp, Bashung or home detox, what are you going to watch on TV this weekend?

Popularized by Marie Kondo, storage has become a real business. Experts in cleaning, sorting and other garage sales abound today on platforms such as Netflix. TF1 is therefore getting up to speed by offering a new program, Detox your home: 7 days to tidy everything up. Led by Elodie Villemus, specialist in event organization and … Read more

A genius: Keanu Reeves left his Porsche at home to get into this supercar…

A genius Keanu Reeves left his Porsche at home to

recommended Keanu Reeves’ cunning led him to make a decision that many called “crazy”: leaving a $407,000 Porsche at home. Keep reading… January 17, 2023 6:37 p.m. The billboard of premieres for this 2023 has the name of john wick as one of his most anticipated films. The Producer’s Avenger lionsgate It will hit theaters … Read more

Netflix confirms 34 Korean movies and series for 2023 (‘Sweet Home’ and ‘Glory’ among them)

Netflix confirms 34 Korean movies and series for 2023 Sweet

If you thought that Netflix had neglected the fandom of Korean movies and series, you should know that up to 34 productions will arrive this year, some renewals, other new stories. Among them ‘Sweet home’ and ‘The glory’! You better get ready ’cause Netflix is ​​preparing the house so that 2023 is the year of … Read more

Basté, brutal with Shakira for the attack on Piqué, reveals what she has at home looking at the in-laws’ house

Baste brutal with Shakira for the attack on Pique reveals

Jordi Baste it has many virtues. One of them is to listen closely to what is happening, listen to what people on the street are talking about, put yourself in the shoes of your listeners and deal with the topics that interest the vast majority in your program. Anyone else would have made his editorial … Read more

Neither ‘The Godfather’ nor ‘Parasites’: This is the best movie of all time right now and you can watch it for free at home

Estereo Picnic among the 50 best festivals in the world

The list of one of the social networks most used by moviegoers has placed this war drama from the 80s in number one position. Moviegoers around the world tap into the opinions of other moviegoers to find different recommendations. Over time, the social network letterboxd it has become the best resource for sharing reactions and … Read more

Attendees at the Bad Bunny concert will be able to board “La Busesota” to return home

Attendees at the Bad Bunny concert will be able to

Fans will be able to enter the National Stadium through different doors according to the area they purchased. (Capture) As a way to control order and safeguard the integrity of those attending the singer’s concert bad bunnythe Urban Transport Authority for Lima and Callao (ATU) will make the special service available “The Busesota”which will work … Read more

Singer Davido’s 3-year-old son dies after drowning in his home

What song does Eddie play at the end of Stranger

(TELEMUNDO ATLANTA).- The 3-year-old son of Nigerian music star Davido died at his home, apparently drowned, police said Tuesday according to a report by the AP news agency. The singer Davido, whose real name is David Adeleke, was not at home when little Ifeanyi died on Monday night. The boy’s mother, Chioma Rowland, was also … Read more