Oscar Isaac Shares When His Passion For Acting Started: ‘I Played The Devil And Girls Started Getting Interested’ – Home

Oscar Isaac showed a natural love of acting early in life, but an offbeat role at a strict private school made him commit to the stage. When he tapped into the dark side of acting for the first time, a young Isaac was almost astounded by some of the secondary perks that came with the … Read more

Michelle Yeoh Said Jackie Chan Saved Her Life While Filming ‘Supercop’ – Home

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Marilyn Monroe’s wild love life: married at 16 and ‘JFK affair covered up by the FBI’ – Home

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Millie Bobby Brown made a fortune thanks to ‘Stranger Things’ and her makeup line – Home

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Five deaths, fainting, a kick to a firefighter and a duo that refused to leave: the tragedy of the Home Fair at the concert of Servando and Florentino

Five deaths fainting a kick to a firefighter and a

crowded. No one else entered. Totally packed like never before at the Feria del Hogar with an international artist. That night of August 5, 1997, he appeared Servando and Florentino, the former Venezuelan members of the Salserín group. The teenagers who had gathered at the San Miguel venue shouted nonstop, waiting for their idols in … Read more

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DJ Chark: Ben Johnson’s Lions’ Offense Offers ‘Pretty Cool’ Variations – Home

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