Rammstein offers one of the loudest concerts in its history: that’s how far away it could be heard

Rammstein have left all their fans stoned once again. If his concerts, in themselves, are already impressive both visually and sonically, his last visit to Coventry, in the United Kingdom, last weekend had a most impressive peculiarity. And it is that, as reported louder sound, the German band could be heard from a whopping 10 … Read more

The history of Hollywood Vampires, Johnny Depp’s band

hollywood vampires is a group formed in 2012 by Alice Cooper, Johnny Depp Y joe perrythe band began by making versions of their favorite songs by their fellow rockers for the pure and simple fact of having fun doing what they like to do the most. Their first self-titled album was a huge all-star gathering, … Read more

The most epic concerts in history in the Zócalo of CDMX

There are many arenas, stadiums and venues in Mexico City, but none has the weight and importance of the Plaza de la Constitución or the Zócalo Capitalino. It is a totally emblematic place, considered the political and cultural heart of the country, which has been the epicenter of key moments in our […] There are … Read more

The 4 most unforgettable dresses in the history of the Oscar Awards

There are actresses who, at the ceremony of the Oscar awardsnot only made history for their artistic works, but also for the beautiful dresses who wore for the occasion. In this opportunity, we share 4 of the most memorable cases and we tell you everything there is to know about it. Do not miss the … Read more

Lightyear is raining criticism for lesbian history: “Disney out of my house!”

Lightyear, the new Disney and Pixar film, which shows the story of a relationship between two women and a lesbian kiss, has received harsh criticism on social networks. The spinoff from the Toy Story saga, has been banned in 14 countries and has provoked the reaction of institutions such as Ecuadorian family who oppose its … Read more

‘Strange World’: The next Disney will have the first gay romance in the history of the studio

These days the controversy surrounding LGTBIQ+ representation at Disney has been revived. Lightyear is the new Pixar film, and as has happened with titles like West Side Story, Eternals either Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness its premiere has been canceled in several countries in the Middle East. In case of Lightyear It is … Read more

‘No limits’: the expedition that changed history

An expedition of five ships sailed from Sanlúcar de Barrameda (Cádiz) on September 20, 1519 with 239 sailors on board. Three years later, only one ship managed to return to the same port with 18 surviving sailors. Captained by the Portuguese Ferdinand Magellan at the beginning, and with the Spanish Juan Sebastián Elcano in command … Read more

Who is the person with the most Oscar nominations in history?

When we talk about the Oscar awards, it is impossible not to think of all the films, directors, performers and other people who are part of the cinema. This is because this event is responsible for rewarding the great references of each year. Undoubtedly, this is quite a complicated task because there are many productions … Read more

The 10 unforgettable cars in the history of cinema

Cinema and automotive culture have an intimate relationship. There are cars that you will surely remember from your favorite movies. Today the premise is to review the 10 most endearing vehicles that played a role in the seventh art. Join us for this speedy plot below. June 07, 2022 4:46 p.m. Cars on the big … Read more