Edward Furlong Was Too High To Do Terminator: Dark Fate

Matt Damon and Ben Affleck work together again entering fully

Actor Edward Furlong reflects on the controversial scene in Terminator: Dark Fate in which a young John Connor appears with his face. Attention SPOILERS. The movie Terminator: Dark Fate (2019) begins with a scene where Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton) Y John Connor (voice of Aaron Kunitz) they are on the beach enjoying a vacation until … Read more

Controversy after Valeria Ripoll congratulated her daughter for occupying a high school

What is Elon Musks controversial plan for the Brazilian

Exclusive Content The note you are trying to access is exclusively for subscribers subscribe know our plansand enjoy El País without limits. Get into If you are already a subscriber you canSign in with your username and password. The publication of a mother addressed to her militant student daughter generated a heated controversy on social … Read more

The distressing trailer for Vertigo (Fall) takes terror and survival to 600 meters high

The distressing trailer for Vertigo Fall takes terror and survival

Vertigo (Fail) is a new horror thriller and survival of Lionsgate directed by British filmmaker scott mannresponsible for films like the big tournament either hit of the century, among others, and which will arrive in Spain next October. But before that, it will have its own premiere in our country as part of the International … Read more

The Man of the High Plains: when John Wayne attacked Clint Eastwood because of the film – CinéSéries

The Man of the High Plains when John Wayne attacked

After “The Man of the High Plains”, Clint Eastwood offers a collaboration to John Wayne. But the latter refuses and explains to him in a letter that he hated his western. The men of the high plains : the dark side of Clint In 1973, shortly after making his first film A chill in the … Read more

Sean Connery Once Revealed He Was Bummed About How The James Bond Character Became ‘High Tech’ – Home

Elon Musk claims he is working to prevent Tesla from scaled

As many know, James Bond actor Sean Connery achieved A-List status by playing the MI6 agent for the first time. As much as Connery appreciated the role, there were some aspects of the Bond character that Connery found off-putting. One of those aspects was how high-tech the spy became over time. Sean Connery once revealed … Read more

Coldplay announce a third concert in Barcelona on May 27 after the high demand for tickets for the first two dates

Young man dubs famous anime and movies into Quechua on

The British group Coldplay has announced that it will give a third concert at the Lluís Companys Olympic Stadium in Barcelona on May 27, 2023, in addition to the two performances already scheduled for the 24th and 25th of the same month. Chris Martin’s band announced a new tour on Monday, Music Of The Spheres … Read more

Puente defends Derulo’s high cache at fairs: “We have never had an artist of this level”

Puente defends Derulos high cache at fairs We have never

Óscar Puente and Councilor Ana Redondo. / Mayella de Castro Valladolid The performance of the American singer accounts for 40% of the 880,000 euros that the City Council allocates to the concerts in the Plaza Mayor J.ASUA Tuesday, August 23, 2022, 1:15 p.m. The mayor of Valladolid, Óscar Puente, has worked hard this Tuesday, during … Read more

Why the “high terror” label needs to fucking die

1661084776 Why the high terror label needs to fucking die

Talk about “elevated terror” is wasting time. Writing more about that label is exhausting, tiring, counterproductive, very heavy. But today it’s time to do it again. The meme “Ah shit, here we go again!” appears when you have to debate, discuss and justify why there is nothing that is classified as “elevated terror”. Rains, it … Read more

Olivia Newton-John dies: how she ended up playing a high school teenager at 29 in “Grease” (and why this film is so iconic)

Getty Images Sandy and Danny had a summer romance, but when they met again in high school things had changed… When Olivia Newton-John was offered to play Sandy Olsson in grease, there were not a few who thought that he was too old for that; including herself. “I thought that at 29 I was too … Read more

David Ellefson (ex-Megadeth) reunites with his high school band – MariskalRock.com

David Ellefson ex Megadeth reunites with his high school band

August 1, 2022 12:23 p.m. published by Drafting – “From Jackson to Hollywood and Beyond”that’s the title you gave it David Ellefson the tour of his professional career in music with which he completed his return to his hometown, Jackson, Minnesota, where he had the opportunity to reunite and perform again with his high school … Read more