The dark secret that Professor Jirafales hid from “El Chavo del 8”

Without a doubt the Professor Jirafales is one of the characters most remembered and loved by the public in the iconic series The Chavo of 8. This character was played by actor Ruber Aguirre. In the series, the Professor Jirafales He was madly in love with Doña Florinda and used to visit her in the … Read more

Natalie Wood reportedly hid husband Robert Wagner’s bisexuality before mysteriously drowning at 43

Natalie Wood reportedly hid husband Robert Wagners bisexuality before mysteriously.webp

Natalie Wood’s marriage to Robert Wagner has been tainted with secrets. Apparently, the iconic actress hid the secret about her husband’s bisexuality until his tragic death at 43. Natalie Wood, famous for her impressive acting talent, started her career as a child actor. Over the years, she has become a Hollywood icon and was nominated … Read more

How Sony hid Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield on the set of Spider-Man 3

How Sony hid Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield on the

The answer came and the audience went wild! The SpiderVerse came true in Spider-Man: No Way Home. Yes, versions of the wall-crawler prior to the one in Tom Holland, interpreted by Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield, appeared to give a hand to the character of the Marvel Cinematic Universe in his confrontation against the Green … Read more

Willie Garson, Stanford in ‘Sex and the City’, hid his cancer from all his peers except Sarah Jessica Parker

1639242216 Willie Garson Stanford in Sex and the City hid his

Sarah Jessica Parker and Willie Garson, during the filming of ‘And Just Like That …’ in July 2021 in New York.Jose Perez / (Jose Perez / / Cordon Press) Stanford Blatch became a symbol, a television icon, in the late nineties and early 2000s. He was the eternal companion of Carrie Bradshaw, ideal … Read more

Tom Hanks’ son says his Métis daughter saved his life, even though he hid her birth for 8 months

Tom Hanks son says his Metis daughter saved his life.webp

Chet Hanks has had a very controversial life. He began battling drug addiction at a very young age, but the musician got his life back on track thanks to his Métis daughter, Michaiah. Find out how Chet’s daughter changed her life. Chet Hanks, the eldest son of American actor and filmmaker Tom Hanks and his … Read more

‘Sky’, the yacht that Luis Miguel hid behind a company from the British Virgin Islands

1633436746 Sky the yacht that Luis Miguel hid behind a company

Italian design, four cabins with capacity for eight passengers, 25 meters in length, luxury and comfort. So is the Sky, the Azimut Flybridge yacht that Luis Miguel bought in mid-2013 and was the object of desire of the paparazzi for years: an endless catwalk of romantic conquests, the scene of their parties and, until much … Read more

Adam Driver, the new Hollywood star who was a marine, hid a two-year-old son and showed off singing in a sex scene

Adam Driver the new Hollywood star who was a marine

On July 6, 2021, Adam Driver at Annette’s exhibition at the Cannes Film Festival (Photo by Marc Piasecki / FilmMagic) As soon as he arrived at the casting, he believed that this would be another possibility that was slipping away from him. There were many, many candidates. His last hope collapsed when he read the … Read more

Patrick Swayze, the Hollywood heartthrob who always hid his dramatic story

Patrick Swayze the Hollywood heartthrob who always hid his dramatic

Patrick Swayze No one will ever forget his face transmitting the purest love in Ghost, the shadow of love. You will not be able to stop imagining her sensual figure swaying in Dirty Dancing. Because in his glory years, Patrick Swayze He presented himself to the public as “the ideal man.” And everyone thought it … Read more

Montgomery Clift: the gay Hollywood hid and the face that disfigured a car

Montgomery Clift the gay Hollywood hid and the face that

If Hollywood (and himself) had allowed Montgomery Clift being himself, his (short) life would have been different. The young man who forever changed the stereotype of the aging heartthrob with his big green eyes and a melancholy and vulnerability never seen on the big screen was a tormented soul. Monty, As his friends called him, … Read more