Is Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero within the official canon?

In short, yes… but, no. 08/12/2022 03:00 The new Dragon Ball Super movie marks many firsts for the franchise that could question the official canon, It is worth mentioning that this article will contain some spoilers.. If you want to see it on your own, we recommend you wait a little longer, because Crunchyroll and … Read more

“I’m my own fucking hero! Batgirl for life!” Actress Leslie Grace Responds to Cancellation of Premiere of Ella Max’s HBO Movie

Im my own fucking hero Batgirl for life Actress Leslie

Leslie Grace has spoken after the announcement thatbatgirlof Warner and hbo max It will no longer be released in theaters or on platforms, nor will it be part of the DC Universe. The actress took to Instagram to share her thoughts after news broke the day before that Warner Bros. Discovery will shelve the $90 million film.

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Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero – The new Pan from the movie makes a surprise appearance in the new Dragon Ball Super manga volume. Will it be a preview of the new saga?

Dragon Ball Super Super Hero The new Pan from

We have been talking for a few days about the release of volume 19 of Dragon Ball Super in Japan. Today, August 3, has been the date set to put the copies of the long-awaited volume into circulation, so Japanese fans are in luck, because they can already enjoy more adventures of Goku in the … Read more

Neighborhood Hero. Large doses of comedy, optimism, and friendship

Neighborhood Hero Large doses of comedy optimism and friendship

In neighborhood hero, Paula is a girl who plays in a women’s soccer team and asks her father, Luis, to bring her the Betis player Joaquín at the end of the season, with whom he pretends to be a good friend. Luis relies on his father, a former boxer, and on his friend Lito to … Read more

Gal Gadot’s Incredible Life: Real Hero at 12, Beauty Queen at 18, Soldier at 20

Gal Gadots Incredible Life Real Hero at 12 Beauty Queen

Gal Gadot Action movies have always been associated with male figures, actors who became Hollywood stars for these roles. Since Chuck Norris going by arnold schwarzenegger Y Sylvester Stallone until Jason Statham Y Vin Diesel further back in time, to cite just a tiny percentage in a very long list, and that could be put … Read more

This will be the cast of the Latin Spanish dubbing of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero

This will be the cast of the Latin Spanish dubbing

We finally know who will be the voice of Gohan… 07/13/2022 02:00 Crunchyroll and Toei Animation have mentioned that the latest film in the world-renowned hit anime franchise, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero in Latin Spanish will be released on August 18, 2022, including the release date in Mexico and Latin America. To celebrate this … Read more

Brian Johnson (AC/DC) caught at a Rolling Stones concert: “Georgie’s hero!”

B.Ryan Johnson has been caught at a Rolling Stones concert. He was the singer-songwriter Sam Fender the one who shared some photos with the idol of AC DC. (via Fender, apparently, was recovering, on July 3, having opened for the Stones in Hyde Park when, suddenly, he met Brian Johnson and could not help … Read more

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero shows trailer in Latin Spanish with Luis Manuel Ávila as Gohan

This will be the first time that Luis Manuel Ávila plays Gohan. | Toei Animation platform Crunchyroll Y Sony Pictures Mexico they surprised all the fans by presenting the trailer for ”Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero” fully dubbed for Latin America, keeping most of the voice actors that appeared in the anime. The director of … Read more

‘Baymax’: the robot from ‘Big Hero 6’ debuts its own series on Disney Plus +

Let me fly Fernando del Solar signed a letter of

Although we’ve been paying a lot of attention to the live-action releases of Disney Plus+ lately, we don’t forget that the origins of the Walt Disney Company were based on animation. Every year we attend premieres of this genre that generate debate. While last year we enjoyed Luca and charmthis 2022 began with Net and … Read more

First minutes of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero; a punch of nostalgia that you will love

First minutes of Dragon Ball Super Super Hero a punch

Toei Animation has published the first five minutes of his new film, Dragon Ball Super: Super Heroin which we see a recapitulation of the great events that have been experienced on earth with Goku of protagonist. As you can see in the video that heads the article, during the first minutes, with a spectacular visual … Read more