2022’s ‘Star Academy’ Probably Won’t Bring Beyoncé Back, Here’s Why

2022s Star Academy Probably Wont Bring Beyonce Back Heres Why

YouTube screenshot Star Academy, Beyonce TELEVISION – No, it’s (still) not tonight that you will see again Mariah Carey on the set of star Academy. This Saturday, October 29, students will take the stage with Véronique Sanson, Keen’V, Gims, Zaz and the rock group Hyphen Hyphen. As for the only international star of the evening, … Read more

They Will Fall: Here’s What Quentin Tarantino Thinks Of The MCU And Superhero Movies

They Will Fall Heres What Quentin Tarantino Thinks Of The

superhero movieschampioned by the productions that are part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe or the MCUarouse passions in the industry, especially with filmmakers who maintain a more classic profile not only not only by filming their stories, producing and marketing them. But of the same objective of the film. What is cinema and what is … Read more

I’ve Seen “The Worst Superhero Movie Ever,” And Here’s What I Think Marvel Could Learn From It

Ive Seen The Worst Superhero Movie Ever And Heres What

The story of ‘Fantastic Four’, the film produced by the low-budget demigod Roger Corman and not released in 1994, is well known. We are not going to spend too much time on the twists and turns of his production, because here, always positive and never negative, We are not so interested in confirming whether or … Read more

Wait, were tiebreaker games eliminated in MLB? Here’s what the rule change means for this season

Wait were tiebreaker games eliminated in MLB Heres what the

There have been 12 single-game tiebreakers in MLB history. Each of them brought the nerves and anticipation of a playoff matchup, even though they were played as regular-season games, but Game No. 163 is now a thing of the past. With the launch of an expanded playoff format in October, MLB decided there was no … Read more

Millie Bobby Brown leaves out Eleven from “Stranger Things” to return as Enola Holmes: here’s the first look

Millie Bobby Brown leaves out Eleven from Stranger Things to

In addition to starring, Millie Bobby Brown is also producing the sequel. (Netflix) After the success it had in 2020 Enola Holmes, Netflix decided to give the green light to a sequel that would continue showing the adventures of the young sister of Sherlock Holmes as she deals with adolescence and a world that asks … Read more

Asgardian Pride: Valkyrie Is Marvel’s Best LGBT Character, And Here’s Why

Asgardian Pride Valkyrie Is Marvels Best LGBT Character And Heres

If you have already seen Thor: Love and Thunder, I’m sure you agree with us on one thing: Valkyrie (Tessa Thompson) asks for it. And he hits it hard, too. Overcoming her lackluster role in thor: ragnarok, the current king of New Asgard triumphs becoming one of the best assets of the film. From now … Read more