Black Widow: Marvel has given up on taking Emma Watson, here’s why

Black Widow Marvel has given up on taking Emma Watson

From the start of the production of the solo film dedicated to Black Widow, we learned that Emma Watson was approached to join Scarlett Johansson in this new production of the MCU. Ultimately, the star of Harry Potter will not integrate the cast of the film and the studio will prefer Florence Pugh to play … Read more

Alec Baldwin’s Fatal Shot: Daughter Ireland Makes Drastic Decision – Here’s

Alec Baldwins Fatal Shot Daughter Ireland Makes Drastic Decision

On October 21, the shooting of the film Rust saw a drama play out. Comedian Alec Baldwin accidentally shot and killed Halyna Hutchins, the director of photography. On October 26, her eldest daughter Ireland announced that she had made a big decision. It’s an insane drama that happened on October 21 on the set of … Read more

An Epic Closure: Here’s Everything We Know About The ‘Peaky Blinders’ Movie

An Epic Closure Heres Everything We Know About The Peaky

Undoubtedly, today we have great series that have completely blown our minds. There are examples and many, but focusing only on Netflix, among the entire list of premieres that it presents to us practically every week, we have a story that from its inception hooked us. We talk about Peaky Blinders, that after five seasons … Read more

Here’s Jason Sudeikis’ Full Emmys Acceptance Speech: ‘One Amazing Year’

Heres Jason Sudeikis Full Emmys Acceptance Speech One Amazing Year

Co-creator and star Jason Sudeikis Sunday won the Emmy As Lead Actor in a Comedy Series on Apple TV’s Inspiring Sports Comedy + “Ted Lasso.” “Wow. Thank you. So yeah, a great year. I’d say, you know, this show is about family, this show is about mentors and teachers, this show is about teammates, and … Read more

Here’s what the Fast and Furious cast wants to see

Heres what the Fast and Furious cast wants to see

Jordana Brewster, an actress, a member of the cast of the Fast and Furious series and who plays Mia Toretto, revealed what she would like to see explored in the future. Undoubtedly, the majority saw memes related to “The Family” and Dominic Toretto in recent months. Well, since it was released Fast and Furious 9 … Read more

Stranger Things: goodbye shaved head… Here’s why Millie Bobby Brown (Eleven) is transformed with long hair in season 4

Stranger Things goodbye shaved head… Heres why Millie Bobby Brown

The fans were waiting for him… Netflix has finally unveiled a first teaser of season 4 of Stranger Things, while the broadcast of season 3 dates back to July 2019. After two years of waiting and despite this appetizer, it will take to wait many more months before discovering the new adventures of the band … Read more

Pure star! Here’s the cast (and what we know) of Wes Anderson’s next movie

1628682823 Pure star Heres the cast and what we know of

Everytime that Wes Anderson announces a new film project, the public goes crazy. And we say this in the good sense of the word. He is undoubtedly one of the most beloved directors in the industry in recent years and it is not for less, taking into account the quality of the stories that he … Read more

Here’s why YouTube Premium could get cheaper

Heres why YouTube Premium could get cheaper

We forget that sometimes, but right now, for those who don’t want to see ads, YouTube already has a premium offer. In return for a monthly subscription, the platform offers an ad-free experience that allows it to earn and remunerate creators. In addition to this ad-free experience, YouTube Premium also provides access to other benefits, … Read more

Here’s Chris Hemsworth’s diet and exercise regimen for the new Thor

Heres Chris Hemsworths diet and exercise regimen for the new

For May 6, 2022, the premiere of Thor: Love and Thunder, a film that will bring back the famous Marvel Comics character. Chris Hemsworth He will be in charge of again personifying the God of Thunder, a role that has led him to maintain a strict plan to look as imposing as possible. This is … Read more

Here’s a look at Visions, the new Star Wars series made by anime creators – The Third

Heres a look at Visions the new Star Wars series

When in December of last year Disney announced Star Wars: Visions, The company only limited itself to anticipating that this new animated production of the space franchise would be made by various Japanese creators and would seek to capture some of the influence of anime. Well now in the framework of the Anime Expo Lite … Read more