From Hellboy to Spider-Man: the movie sagas that were left unfinished

From Hellboy to Spider Man the movie sagas that were left

These successful sagas no longer continued for various reasons (Photos: File) Beyond enjoying a good movie, something that moviegoers like is being able to have more installments of their favorite films. However, even though sagas like Star Wars Rocky or even, Harry Potter have marked generations and had memorable closures, there are other narratives that … Read more

Netflix: Andrew Lincoln (The Walking Dead) joins the horror anthology of Guillermo del Toro (Hellboy)

Netflix Andrew Lincoln The Walking Dead joins the horror anthology

Andrew Lincoln, popularized by The Walking Dead as Rick Grimes, joins the cast of the Cabinet of Curiosities of Guillermo del Toro, famous Mexican director (Hellboy and his sequel, Pacific Rim…). A horrific anthology released on Netflix with independent stories. Several other actors are formalized for the film with Andrew Lincoln among which Essie David … Read more