James Cameron confirms that ‘Avatar 4’ has already started shooting and Sam Worthington hints at the theme of the saga: “love and being with family is the height of life”

James Cameron confirms that Avatar 4 has already started shooting

A couple of months ago I told you that james cameron He was considering giving up the director’s seat in the face of an ‘Avatar 4’ that, a priori, would not receive the green light until the people of Disney verified the box office results of the first two sequels of the franchise. Well, it … Read more

At the height of fame, Jennifer Hudson acknowledges that “God has done it again!”

On June 12, the actress and singer Jennifer Hudson won a Tony for the best production of a musical show, as co-producer of A Strange Loop. With this award, has become part of the exclusive EGOT club (Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, Tony). In addition, she has become the youngest woman to win these four awards. the … Read more

Guitarist jumps from a great height and is injured in full concert

Paul McCartney did a virtual duet with John Lennon at

In the middle of concertguitarist of palaye royale he takes a big jump that injures him and sends him to the hospital. Guitarist jumps from a great height and is injured in full concert | Source: @SebastianDanzig During concerts The hubbub between musicians and fans ignites, who dance nonstop and enjoy every moment of the … Read more

“Uncharted”: not even Tom Holland saves a film that does not reach the height of the video game

1645134358 Uncharted not even Tom Holland saves a film that does

According to the criteria of Know more movies based on video game they tend to have a bad reputation that is not undeserved since, with some notable exceptions, they generally tend to fluctuate between being mediocre or bad, simple vehicles to exploit the affection of the fans to the franchise and, in the worst cases, … Read more

“Ray Donovan: The Movie”: an ending at the height of a great series

Ray Donovan The Movie an ending at the height of

“Ray Donovan: The Movie” is both a prologue and an epilogue to the great series. On February 4, 2020 it was announced that the series Ray Donovan It would be canceled after seven seasons and a total of 82 episodes. In this way, episode 10 of season 7, released on January 19 of that year, … Read more

Zendaya and Tom Holland challenge prejudice for their height difference, as well as other famous couples

1641315234 Zendaya and Tom Holland challenge prejudice for their height difference

Zendaya y Tom Holland they form one of the most wanted couples in Hollywood. Both are at the peak of their careers and they look very much in love, however they did not take long to receive some negative comments due to their difference in height. What did they say about it? They were unprejudiced … Read more

Yessy World charges against Buena Fe for the price of their concert: “The height of impudence”

Yessy World charges against Buena Fe for the price of

The influence cuban Yessy World joined the Criticism of the duo Buena Fe for the excessive price of the concert that they announced in the La Cecilia tourist complex on Christmas Eve, and he dedicated a good part of his direct to putting the points on the i’s to the leader of the group, Israel … Read more

‘Matrix: Resurrections’ is a sequel at the height of the original trilogy and a great reflection on the current stagnation of cinema

Matrix Resurrections is a sequel at the height of the

Lana Wachowski does not leave a puppet with a head in the fourth installment of ‘The Matrix’. Neo’s return, nearly two decades after Keanu Reeves’ transformation into total icon of action and science fiction cinema, is A metafictional machine gun that shoots the industry, the franchises, the current state of the genre and yes, to … Read more

‘The Swan Song’ is wonderful: Apple TV + brings us a new science fiction gem at the height of ‘Ex-Machina’ or ‘The Arrival’

1640044357 The Swan Song is wonderful Apple TV brings us

It is fascinating to look back and discover that the great plot and conceptual tropes of a genre as prolific as science fiction they have not changed since, for example, Mary Shelley published the seminal ‘Frankenstein or the modern Prometheus’ just over two centuries ago; continuing to be marked by a deeply humanistic aspect represented in a more or less veiled way either in written or audiovisual fiction.

In all this time, and despite the repetition of themes —with their variations—, these types of stories continue as fresh and current as the first day thanks to their universality and the talent with which the authors twist well-known premises to break through, almost without obstacles and at the stroke of existentialism, to the depths of the spectators’ hearts.

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Weight and height too: what were Selena Quintanilla’s measurements

Weight and height too what were Selena Quintanillas measurements

The songs of Selena quintanilla They remain among the favorites of a large part of the followers of Tex-Mex. No matter that more than 20 years have passed since the death of the queen of the genre, her fans keep her memory alive through her music and attire. MORE INFORMATION: How did Selena Quintanilla die? … Read more