The first Venezuelan DJ to be heard at Tomorrowland – Cocuyo Effect

Jaime Lorente cracks his cornea in a terrible accident in

Alejandro Gallardo, better known as Monkey Slim (@monkeyslim), is a Venezuelan DJ and producer who was present at Tomorrowland 2022one of the most important electronic music festivals in the world. After two years without a face-to-face meeting due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the festival was held in Belgium from July 15 to 31 and with … Read more

Johnny Depp trial: disaster for Amber Heard after the revelation of this new report on harassment

Johnny Depp trial disaster for Amber Heard after the revelation

The legal battle between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp is over, at least for now, and we know how much the trial, which took place not long ago, was followed around the world. However, a new report just released is bad news for Amber Heard, her team, and her decision to appeal. We explain why. … Read more

Mickey Rourke calls Amber Heard a fortune hunter and defends Johnny Depp

Hollywood gallant triumphed with Susana Dosamantes and became a legend

Piers Morgan he has a keen eye for interviews that make juicy headlines. On this occasion, it was no less with the actor Mickey Rourke. Morgan makes sure that the protagonists who went on the air continue to be talked about days after the interview has been broadcast. Rourke was ready to talk about various … Read more

El Pirata y su Banda: The Rammstein concert that was heard almost 20km away

If ever Ramstein goes to your city but you don’t have a penny to see them, don’t worry, because you may hear them without spending a penny. Turns out one given by the German band in Coventry was so loud he could be heard 10 miles away. According to the newspaper The CoventryResidents of the … Read more

Amber Heard VS Johnny Depp: these big suspicions that weigh on the juror N ° 15

Amber Heard VS Johnny Depp these big suspicions that weigh

New twist in the case between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp. The actress’s lawyers have requested the reversal of the trial verdict, considering the evidence against her to be unfounded. They also shared their suspicions about a member of the jury. When there’s more, there’s more ! You thought the story of the lawsuit between … Read more

Tom Hanks screamed when he heard 1 Elvis Presley song – Home

Billionaires Lose 14 Trillion Elon Musk Jeff Bezos and Mark

ads Tom Hanks said that only a certain type of person knows all the Elvis Presley songs. Hanks’ favorite song from the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll used to be a hit called “Bossa Nova Baby.” Later, Hanks was introduced to an Elvis song that he had never heard before and it became his new … Read more

What songs were heard in Mexico in 1939

What songs were heard in Mexico in 1939

With the arrival of radio in Mexico, the ranchero and regional genre became popular (Photo: Twitter/@cronicas_ciudad) During the period of the Mexican Revolution, several musical genres were consolidated, of which the corridos stood out for their epic, lyrical and descriptive character. Radio arrived in Mexico in 1930 with the radio station XEW of the Tampico … Read more

Rammstein offers one of the loudest concerts in its history: that’s how far away it could be heard

Rammstein have left all their fans stoned once again. If his concerts, in themselves, are already impressive both visually and sonically, his last visit to Coventry, in the United Kingdom, last weekend had a most impressive peculiarity. And it is that, as reported louder sound, the German band could be heard from a whopping 10 … Read more

Not even adding all her films Amber Heard manages to cover the amount she must pay Johnny Depp

Amber Heard reached a point of no return. defeated by Johnny Deppno new projects in sight and practically bankruptnot even adding the income received for all his films would the actress be in a position to pay the actor the 10 million dollars for compensatory damages Y 350 thousand dollars for punitive damages. Yes ok … Read more