Premieres (March 22): 36 series, movies and documentaries on Netflix, HBO Max, Amazon, Disney+, Filmin, Movistar Plus and Apple TV+

Premieres March 22 36 series movies and documentaries on

First Wednesday of spring and what better than celebrating the equinox by watching some of the premieres that arrive this week on streaming platforms. On this occasion we count 36 series, movies and documentaries that arrive from today to NetflixHBO Max, Prime Video, Filmin, Movistar Plus+, Disney+ and AppleTV+. ‘The Night Agent’ (The Night Agent) … Read more

Name change and new rates: the changes that HBO Max is preparing

Name change and new rates the changes that HBO

Image: Presley Ann (Getty Images) The world of streaming platforms is on fire. SkyShowtime tries to open a gap with his new proposal at demolition priceNetflix continues with his personal crusade against shared accounts and, apparently, HBO Max is preparing for a real facelift once it is released. consumes its merger with Discovery+ this spring. … Read more

New movies and series on Netflix, HBO Max, Prime Video and Disney+ this weekend (January 20)

1674210359 New movies and series on Netflix HBO Max Prime Video

We have reached the end of a week well-loaded with premieres from platforms such as Netflix, HBO Max, Prime Video Y Disney+where we find a few films Y series interesting to see. As we know that many of you wait for the last days of the week to relax and watch the premieres, at Hobby … Read more

The co-director of The Last of Us does not appear in the credits of the HBO series

The co director of The Last of Us does not appear

Bruce Straleyco-director of The Last of Us Y left behindthe expansion starring Ellie, does not appear accredited as one of the creative minds who helped create the world and characters of Naughty Dog’s video game in the credits of the recently released television series for HBO. As a result of this situation, the creative has … Read more

HBO Alert: You have just a few days to watch this fabulous drama with Michael Fassbender from the director of ‘No Time To Die’

HBO Alert You have just a few days to watch

Before the ambitious leap into the world of Bond, director Cary Joji Fukunaga made an ambitious adaptation of a literary classic in the form of a gothic romance tale. And you only have a few days to watch ‘Jane Eyre’ on streaming. One of the essential novels of romantic literature is faithfully but ambitiously made … Read more

The HBO Max adult series that is giving people talk; will destroy what remains of your childhood

The HBO Max adult series that is giving people talk

It is at the end of the week when all the streaming platforms add to their catalogs several of the most anticipated releases of the cycle, releases that in many cases manage to convince the audience, but sometimes, as happened in HBO Maxthey do not get the acceptance of the users. In this context, a … Read more

HBO Max Alert: You have only a few days to see this exciting and must-see film with Daniel Day-Lewis

HBO Max Alert You have only a few days to

In a few days, an essential film with romance, a trip through Italy and period costumes will leave the streaming platform. Do not miss ‘A room with a view’. A must see period film, capable of transporting you to another period and another place with great ease to fully immerse yourself in an impossible romance. … Read more

From PlayStation to HBO Max. This is how the most iconic scenes of The Last of Us have been recreated in the television series

From PlayStation to HBO Max This is how the most

Bringing a video game to television is not easy. Many have tried, and many of those who have reached that milestone have had to weigh delicate challenges and changes. The Last of Us series to HBO Max It has hit right in the center of the target. Far from being a shot-by-shot adaptation, Naughty Dog … Read more

“The Last of Us”, the series with Pedro Pascal, has already premiered on HBO Max: trailer for the second episode

1673924880 The Last of Us the series with Pedro Pascal has

It focuses on a pandemic that is sweeping humanity, due to a virus that left everyone on the brink of extinction. The virus affects people in a strange way, since those infected become cannibals and can spread through a bite. (HBO Max) After several months of waiting, The Last of Us has finally reached television … Read more