The SPOOKY movie is on HBO Max; raised $45 million |TRAILER

Users in search of entertainment wonder what they can see on the various streaming platforms that exist today, where you can find a wide variety of movies and series of various themes and genres. In this sense, one of the users’ favorite platforms is HBO Max, which has recently established itself as a success factory … Read more

This is ‘The time traveler’s wife’, the new HBO Max series

This is The time travelers wife the new HBO

Screenwriter Steven Moffat is known for his work on BBC series such as seasons of doctor who with Matt Smith and Karen Gillian, the sherlock of Benedict Cumberbatch or the last television Dracula. But, after drawing the attention of American critics, it is his turn to also conquer the ground from within the industry with … Read more

Premieres (May 18): 112 series, movies and documentaries on Netflix, Disney +, Amazon, HBO Max, Filmin, Apple TV + and Movistar Plus

1652908293 Premieres May 18 112 series movies and documentaries on

Wednesday and between Upfronts Y Canneswe have a packed week… and we haven’t messed with the premieres. So it’s time to review all the news coming to streaming platforms: 112 series, movies and documentaries coming to Netflix today, hbo maxfilmin, Disney+Movistar Plus+, Apple TV and Prime Video. ‘The valet’ (The Valet) directed by Richard Wong … Read more

News from JACK BAUER’s 24, MAYANS HBO Max, New Amsterdam, THE ROOKIE, RIVERDALE, STRANGER THINGS 4, Only Murders in the Building, SPIDERHEAD Netflix with Chris Hemsworth, the FINAL of BETTER CALL SAUL and the new Bryan Cranston (BREAKING BAD! )!

News from JACK BAUERs 24 MAYANS HBO Max New Amsterdam

RETURN OF 24: KIEFFER SUTHERLAND (JACK BAUER) “would jump at the chance” but warns “they better make it quick” The actor Kieffer Sutherlandwho gave life to the unforgettable Jack Bauer from “24”has made new statements about the increasingly likely return of the original series of FOX with a new season. Our most loyal readers know … Read more

The most outstanding titles coming to Prime Video, HBO Max, Disney Plus and Paramount Plus

The streaming platforms They don’t take a break and there are several titles that will arrive this week in the catalogs of the different on-demand services. Below we review the main titles that arrive this week from May 16 to 22 in Amazon Prime Video, hbo max, Disney Plus, Star Plus, Paramount Plus Y StarzPlay. … Read more

50 premieres this week on HBO Max, Netflix, Disney+, Prime Video, Movistar+ May 16 – 22: Matrix Resurrections

We enter the third week of May and in full post-Eurovision 2022 hangover in which we have been in an epic third place. One of those weeks that we love in the field of VOD releases, because several very important releases come together. And if not, pay attention to everything that is about to reach … Read more

The film that mixes humor with terror and is a trend on HBO Max

What beautiful windows that open on film genres. How beautiful are the diffuse limits, almost non-existent, in the proposals of the seventh art. Happy the day the diegesis was accepted by us, on the other side of the screen, and the craziest things were created from the camera. There is no other way to introduce … Read more

What is the most popular movie on HBO Uruguay today

What is the most popular movie on HBO Uruguay today

The advance of the technology of the new millennium, added to the coronavirus pandemic that hit the international level, led citizens to seek new ways to enjoy cinema from the comfort of home. As a result, various streaming platforms have been born, as is the case with HBOwhich has managed to take advantage of its … Read more

What to see on HBO Max: the best Amber Heard is next to Channing Tatum in this triumphant sequel full of dance and friendship

What to see on HBO Max the best Amber Heard

There are supremely talented actors who make the project interesting by their mere presence. Others, almost the majority, need really appropriate circumstances. The specific role, filmmakers who know how to use them, etc. Amber Heard is one of those, and unfortunately his filmography is full of cases where he did not have the necessary role … Read more

The Netflix documentary miniseries that serves to understand the real case that takes place in HBO Max’s “The Staircase”

The Netflix documentary miniseries that serves to understand the real

Colin Firth and Toni Colette play Michael and Kathleen Peterson in the series based on the fateful true event. (HBOMax) Based on the events surrounding the crime of 2001, the gripping series Stairs (The Staircase) tells the story that overshadowed the apparent happiness of the Peterson family. Kathleen Petersoninterpreted by Tony Colletteis found dead at … Read more