Do the events of ‘Hawkeye’ happen before or after those of ‘Spider-Man: No way home’? We clarify it for you

1638436954 Do the events of Hawkeye happen before or after those

With the number of events that take place in a saga as extensive as that of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which already has five television series up to Hawk Eye and, shortly with Spider-Man: No Way Home (Jonathan Igla, Jon Watts, 2021), no less than twenty-seven feature films since 2008, it seems most sensible for … Read more

‘Hawkeye’: Jeremy Renner’s series relationship with the movie ‘Ant-Man’ that you should have noticed in episode three

1638400373 Hawkeye Jeremy Renners series relationship with the movie Ant Man that

The new chapter of ‘Hawkeye’ turned out to be very short and revealing, at the same time, by the illusion of seeing the hero in the future as we know him in the comic and exploring the origin of his dangerous arsenal. About it, we show you something remarkable. The new episode of Hawkeye, exclusive … Read more

What time does Hawkeye 1×03 (Ojo de Halcón) premiere on Disney + in Latin America and Spain?

What time does Hawkeye 1x03 Ojo de Halcon premiere on

MADRID, 30 Nov. (CulturaOcio) – After its release with a double chapter, Hawkeye‘, the new series of the Marvel Universe, continues its journey with its a new installment on Disney +. The Adventures of MCU archer Clint Barton, played by Jeremy Renner and the enthusiastic young Kate Bishop (Hailee Steinfeld) continue now that mysterious characters … Read more

Why ‘Hawkeye’ Adventures Happen at Christmas

1638319847 Why Hawkeye Adventures Happen at Christmas

That Hawk Eye (2021), the miniseries de Jonathan Igla (Mad Men) for Marvel Studios and Disney Plus, this set around christmas time it is not something accidental or arbitrary. Even the executive producer Kevin Feige, the mind behind the structure of the superhero saga, has taken off the hook with that he would like the … Read more

Hawkeye: this is the new Marvel series on Disney +

1638217051 Hawkeye this is the new Marvel series on Disney

If you are a superhero lover, you will love the new Hawkeye series available on Disney +. Last Wednesday, November 24, Hawkeye arrived at Disney +, the fifth series of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Without a doubt, we are talking about excellent news for fans of the superhero series. For this same reason, today we … Read more

Jeremy Renner reveals why he was reluctant to join MCU as Hawkeye

Jeremy Renner has been playing expert archer Hawkeye / Clint Barton in the MCU for a decade now. Renner and Chris Hemsworth made their MCU debuts in the same movie, 2011 Thor, directed by Kenneth Branagh. As the only Founding Avenger with a family and a person who is neither deceased nor retired, Hawk Eye … Read more

Criticism of ‘Hawkeye’ (Disney +): a mortgaged sunset for the Marvel archer

1637733826 Criticism of Hawkeye Disney a mortgaged sunset for the

And ‘Hawk Eye’, the new series of Marvel For Disney +, he casts his gaze on a newbie character in the brand rather than on the old acquaintance of the fans, it is for a reason. The fiction, whose first two episodes can already be seen on demand, is presented as a ceremony of transfer … Read more

13 must-see premieres and releases for the weekend: ‘Resident Evil’, ‘Super Crooks’, ‘Hawkeye’ and much more

A gloomy weekend before us. Not only do you run the risk of running out of savings with the Black Friday offers, it is also that there are a few recommendations with the macabre uploaded: From the new darkness of ‘Residenbt Evil’ in cinema to the fanzine Satanism of ‘Phantastykon Satanas’, through an indie Souls … Read more

“Hawkeye”: 6 facts so you don’t miss out on watching the new Marvel series

1637876629 Hawkeye 6 facts so you dont miss out on watching

According to the criteria of Know more Disney+ premiered on its platform “Hawkeye”, The fourth series of the Phase 4 of the Marvel Universe. Preceded by “WandaVision”, “Falcon and the Winter Soldier“, and “Loki”, This new production starring Jeremy Renner and Hailee Steinfeld addresses the story of Clint Barton, the real name behind Hawkeye, along … Read more

Hawkeye, the Disney series premieres | Interview with Jeremy Renner

1637777737 Hawkeye the Disney series premieres Interview with Jeremy Renner

It is the moment when the city of New York begins to be painted white and the Christmas holidays are exciting and pressing. And no one is more eager to spend this particular year with her family than Clint Barton, better known as the great archer Hawkeye, after five years of not seeing her because … Read more