The protagonist hated the filming so much that he left it several times to go on drunken days until another of the actors threatened to kill him. You have until the end of the month to enjoy this gritty and legendary war movie

1679050363 The protagonist hated the filming so much that he left

The films of the war genre are ones that they go from one extreme to another: o they extol the best virtues of their protagonists, sometimes even ignoring their most obvious defects; or they show us characters without the slightest scruple, despicable, and with which any spectator with a modicum of morality will not feel … Read more

Bruce Willis hated working with Michael Bay on ‘Armageddon’ and swore he would never do it again (but the director didn’t think so)

Bruce Willis hated working with Michael Bay on Armageddon and

‘Armageddon’ is one of the most emblematic films of both the career of Bruce Willis like the filmography of Michael Bay. No one would have been surprised that both collaborated later, but the truth is that it never happened. The reason was discovered a few years ago when the actor came to affirm that I … Read more

The Train will whistle three times: why John Wayne hated the cult western? – CineSeries

The Train will whistle three times why John Wayne hated

Released in 1952, “The Train will whistle three times” won four Oscars and established itself as a reference for westerns. Not for John Wayne, who has a particular aversion to the film. The Train will whistle three times : one sheriff against all Feature film that takes place almost in real time, The Train will … Read more

The bands that Kurt Cobain hated, the singer of Nirvana

The bands that Kurt Cobain hated the singer of Nirvana

The leader of the band attacked rock classics and several of them harshly criticized them. Nirvana was a key band in the American alternative scene, spearheaded the grunge movement, which, inspired by the punk movement of the seventies, it attacked the ideals of classic and mainstream rock. The band was fronted by Kurt Cobainwho left … Read more

How I Met Your Mother: a hated ending, Alicia Silverstone’s sit-in and why Britney Spears saved the series

The Office The Boss That Wasnt John Krasinskis Blunder and

>THE NATION>shows>TV series October 14, 202210:42 Between 2005 and 2014 there was a comedy that positioned itself as one of the public’s favorites, in the competitive category of sitcom. With witty humor, a snappy narrative structure, and endearing characters, How I Met Your Mother It left a mark on the history of the genre, although … Read more

they hated each other. Teri Hatcher and the Desperate Housewives actresses

they hated each other Teri Hatcher and the Desperate Housewives.webp

Teri Hatcher, Eva Longoria, Marcia Cross and Felicity Huffman starred in Desperate Housewives for 8 years. Eight very long years for some members of the team, due to a deep enmity between the main actresses of the show. Playing love-mad lovers, life-and-death close friends, co-workers who adore each other onscreen is easy when it’s the … Read more

Dragon Ball Evolution: The only five good things that the hated movie showed

Dragon Ball Evolution The only five good things that the

the universe of dragon ball It is one of the most followed in the world, with full stories that have allowed its characters to be brought to all formats. Animated series and movies, video games, among others. The only problem the franchise has faced is that it hasn’t made a worthwhile live-action production. Dragon Ball … Read more

The 3 most hated bands by Robert Smith

3 facts you didnt know about Benedict Cumberbatchs Lamborghini

robert smith It was always characterized by being disruptive in many aspects. From his work with The Cure, the musician rejected the colorful 80s to propose a gothic and musical aesthetic far from the virtuosity of many groups of the time. Also, as a frontman, he showed a figure far from the sex symbol and … Read more