What happened to the lives of the children in the first film of It, the clown

The dark and chilling television miniseries It the clown gripped (and in some cases thrilled) kids and teens in the 1990s. The story, written and directed by Stephen King, features an evil clown haunting the streets of a small town and a small group of youngsters nicknamed “Losers” do everything to fight against him. But … Read more

What happened to Pilar Soto: the ‘Grand Prix’ stewardess who fell into drugs and religion saved her

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What happened to Sloane at the end of season 3 of “The Umbrella Academy”

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Rafael Araneda spends Father’s Day in an emergency hospital: this is what happened to him

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What happened to Henry Thomas, the introverted boy from ‘ET the Extra Terrestrial’?

On June 11, 1982, it premiered in the United States ET the alien -in Spain it arrived on December 6-, the film with which Steven Spielberg managed to crown himself as King Midas of Hollywood and conquered the hearts of millions of viewers. The director was inspired by his parents’ divorce and how the situation … Read more

Las Ketchup: what happened to the sisters who conquered the world with “Aserejé” 20 years ago

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What has happened to the artistic life of the RBD singers?

After the appearance of Anahí, former member of the RBD group and actress of the Rebelde series, at one of Karol G’s concerts in Mexico, many of his followers have wondered through social networks what has happened to the figures that were part of this group. Here we tell you what has happened with each … Read more

What happened between Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie so that everyone thinks they hate each other

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On video: Karol G’s ‘scolding’ of her fans in the middle of the concert | What happened?

A video of the Colombian singer Carolina Giraldo Navarro, better known as Karol G, recorded during a concert, recently went viral on social networks. In the clip, the Colombian artist humorously draws the attention of three concertgoers, who were in one of the boxes and apparently were not paying attention to his presentation. “Why are … Read more