New dates or cancelled? It is not yet known what will happen to Justin Bieber’s concerts in Spain

1674057714 New dates or cancelled It is not yet known what

In September Justin Bieber announced that he was canceling the concerts of his tour Justice World Tour of the next four months, including the two scheduled appointments in Madrid and Barcelona, ​​as announced by the promoter Doctor Music. On September 6, Bieber said that he would not continue with the tour because he has relapsed … Read more

“What can happen with ‘The Crown’ is that the real facts are kind of ignored.” Lesley Manville and the new stars of the Netflix series talk about season 5

What can happen with The Crown is that the real

Twelve hours left until it lands in Netflix season 5 of ‘The Crown‘, the long-awaited new installment of the biopic about the late queen of Elizabeth II of England and the royal family. Some episodes whose main novelty is the arrival of a new cast which, in fact, is in the middle of filming the … Read more

Harry Styles canceled shows again: what will happen to those of River Plate?

Harry Styles canceled shows again what will happen to those

After canceling one on November 4 in Los Angeles, he postponed more concerts because he is sick with the flu. After rescheduling a November 4 show in Los Angeles, Harry Styles postponed more concerts because he is sick with the flu. During the weekend, Styles issued a statement on social media about his health. “Towards … Read more

Get psyched up because the most epic magical duel may never happen: Eddie Redmayne knows nothing about the future of ‘Fantastic Beasts 4’

Elon Musk claims he is working to prevent Tesla from scaled

The actor brings Newt Scamander to life, but ‘Dumbledore’s Secrets’ may have been the last time for the Oscar winner. The original plan was to bring to the big screen the most epic magical duel of all time: the one that took place in 1945 between albus dumbledore Y Gellert Grindelwald and that ended the … Read more

Did it happen or did it not happen?: Russell Crowe exploded before an old rumor involving Julia Roberts and does not leave it very well

The king of hedge funds justifies its bearish position in

In addition to being one of the most remembered “non-romance” romantic comedies, My best friend’s Wedding marked several milestones: an evil that was impossible to hate, an atypical ending and the consecration of Cameron Diaz as one of the most charismatic actresses of her generation. But in addition to those parchments, the film boasts another: … Read more

The mother of a Jeffrey Dahmer victim questions the series: ‘It didn’t happen like that’

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Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story It has raised passions and hatred in equal parts. Still being one of the most successful series on Netflixthe facts stated have provoked a tide of criticism that have even forced the streaming platform to modify the labels by which the series is classified. Jeffrey Dahmer was one of the … Read more

Coldplay suspends shows in Brazil due to Chris Martin’s health problems: what will happen to the dates in Argentina

Coldplay suspends shows in Brazil due to Chris Martins health

Chris Martin on stage (Instagram) Chris Martin must rest for three weeks, suffering from a lung infection. For that reason, the recitals that Coldplay toast these days in Brazil were suspended: would take place in the first months of 2023, still without confirmed dates. But the question immediately arose about what would happen to the … Read more

According to science, this is the movie that best illustrates what would happen if a meteorite hits the Earth

According to science this is the movie that best illustrates

There are many movies related to the fall of meteorites on Earth. Now, what would be the _film_ that would best represent this phenomenon? 09/19/2022 12:00 Don’t you get the impression that the world of cinema has put a lot of effort into showing us what it would be like for a meteorite to fall … Read more

Antena 3 sets a date for the end of ‘Innocents’: what is going to happen and what will come after

Samuel L Jackson Gave Ryan Reynolds a Scary Wedding Gift

“Now is the time to be free.” Antenna 3 has been promoting for days the expected outcome of innocent And now, after a year of uninterrupted broadcasting, we finally have a date for the grand finale of the Turkish series. Are we going to have to wait long? Well not really. And it will be … Read more

“Thor Love and Thunder”: what will happen to Hercules in the MCU, according to Taika Waititi

Thor Love and Thunder what will happen to Hercules in

After months of waiting, “Thor: Love and Thunder” it hit every theater in the world to try to take over the billboard for weeks. The film directed by Taika Waititi has been the subject of positive reviews for weeks prior to its release, especially for all the promotion it brought with it one of the … Read more