Tom Hanks no quería hacer Forrest Gump por un detalle del personaje y llegó a pensar que nadie vería la película

Forrest Gump de Robert Zemeckis fue un verdadero éxito y cosechó seis premios Oscar Al momento de su estreno, en 1994, Forrest Gump se convertía en la segunda película más taquillera de ese año en los Estados Unidos, con más de 678 millones de dólares recaudados y el completo aval de la industria. El largometraje recibió … Read more

The reasons for the supposed anger of Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson at the Cannes Film Festival

The reasons for the supposed anger of Tom Hanks and

Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson were apparently caught arguing with a worker at the Cannes Film Festival Photo: AFP The Cannes Film Festival is already in its final stretch and continues to give away moments that both attendees of the event and film fans will remember for many years. One of these moments … Read more

Festivales: Crítica de “Asteroid City”, de Wes Anderson, con Jason Schwartzman, Scarlett Johansson y Tom Hanks (Competencia Oficial) – #Cannes2023

Festivales Critica de Asteroid City de Wes Anderson con Jason

Por Diego Batlle, desde Cannes calificacion Publicada el 23-05-2023 Por Diego Batlle, desde CannesEl brillante director de Buscando el crimen, Tres son multitud, Los excéntricos Tenenbaum, Vida acuática, Viaje a Darjeeling, El fantástico señor Fox, Moonrise Kingdom: Un reino bajo la Luna, Gran Hotel Budapest, Isla de perros y La crónica francesa regresó a Cannes con … Read more

‘A Man Called Otto’ review: Who would have thought that a Tom Hanks movie could piss me off? – Indigo Buzz

A Man Called Otto review Who would have thought that

Less well-being, more feeling nothing. “Is Tom Hanks the problem? I wondered as I watched, mystified by A Man Called Otto. But as this dramedy about a grumpy old man with a heart of gold unfolded before me, it became clear that Hanks wasn’t the problem. It’s a symptom of saccharin disease that makes this … Read more

Tom Hanks questions why “nobody” talks about one of his most “tremendously important” films

1673900471 Tom Hanks questions why nobody talks about one of his

Tom Hanks he pointed out which of his movies he thinks doesn’t get enough praise. The actor has been a regular fixture in hollywood since the late 1980s, and has racked up roles in high-profile films such as Big, toy story, Saving Private Ryan Y Catch Me If You Can. He won two consecutive Oscars … Read more

Mariana Treviño opened up about her meeting with Tom Hanks while starring in ‘A Grumpy Neighbor’: “He didn’t know anything about me”

1673636102 Mariana Trevino opened up about her meeting with Tom Hanks

MARIANA TREVIÑO (A Man Call Otto/A Grumpy Neighbor) Mariana Treviño established herself in Hollywood with her leading role alongside the actor Tom Hanks in the new movie A Man Called Otto/A Grumpy Neighbor, which was released in theaters on Friday, January 5. In an exclusive interview for infobaethe artist from Monterrey confessed exclusively how her … Read more

“Our hearts are broken”: Tom Hanks, P!nk, John Travolta, Nicolas Cage… the stars react to the death of Lisa Marie Presley

The singer and daughter of Elvis Presley has died aged 54 after suffering cardiac arrest. isopix Published on 01/13/2023 at 10:53 By Xavier Verheyden Last night, we learned of the death of Lisa Marie Presley, the daughter of Elvis Presley, at only 54 years old, after a cardiac arrest. An announcement which immediately provoked a … Read more