Fast and Furious 9: Sung Kang also doesn’t know how Han resurrected

Fast and Furious 9 Sung Kang also doesnt know how

Certain mysteries of the universe will undoubtedly remain forever impenetrable. What is the origin of life? Does God exist? Does The Young and the Restless series have an end? And by what miracle did Han Lue, who died in Fast and Furious 7, come back to life in Fast and Furious 9? Released on July … Read more

Sung Kang, Han in Fast and Furious, talks about his character in the Star Wars series Kenobi – Geek Culture

1632049479 943 Sung Kang Han in Fast and Furious talks about his

Sung Kang, actor from Fast and Furious 9, spoke about his character in the upcoming Star Wars series, Kenobi. I read what he said In this note! The actor Sung Kang | from Fast and furious, who plays They have in the franchise, he talked about one of his upcoming projects, the series of Star … Read more

Thandiwe Newton is outraged by her character’s death in Han Solo

Thandiwe Newton is outraged by her characters death in Han

In 2018, Thandiwe Newton those histories by becoming the first black woman to have a starring role in a movie from ‘Star Wars’. The British interpreter played Val, Beckett’s (Woody Harrelson) wife and a member of his team in ‘Han Solo’. However, its outcome in the tape directed by Ron Howard was tragic, when dying … Read more

Fast and furious: F9 brought back Han and other characters from the saga, find out why

1630243297 Fast and furious F9 brought back Han and other characters

Before the announcement that some characters from the Fast and Furious franchise or also known as Fast and furious, they would have decided to move away for various reasons, there is a detail that the fans and followers of this film have highlighted and it has to do with the return of old actors. This … Read more

Robert Redford: Las películas que han marcado su carrera

Robert Redford Las peliculas que han marcado su carrera.img

Robert Redford: Las películas que han marcado su carrera Robert Redford es, tras una longeva y exitosa carrera de más de 60 años en el cine, una leyenda de la industria de Hollywood. El actor afirmó querer retirarse en varias ocasiones, aunque parece que no consigue librarse del gusanillo del cine. Para rendir homenaje … Read more

“Fast and Furious 10”: Han, will you reappear in the next “Fast and Furious” movie?

1628228386 Fast and Furious 10 Han will you reappear in the

After some years away from the franchise (because it was believed that he was dead) Han Lue returned to “The Fast and the Furious” in “F9”, Leaving some possibilities open for the next installments, which will mark the final closure of this story that began in 2001. The fan-favorite character plays an important role in … Read more

Antonio David Flores rompe su silencio con una entrevista youtuber de lo más predecible y carente de pruebas: “Conmigo han hecho terrorismo mediático”

1624949721 Antonio David Flores rompe su silencio con una entrevista youtuber

Tras 25 años vilipendiando la imagen de Rocío Carrasco públicamente plató por plató mientras que ella permanecía callada, a Antonio David Flores le han resultado estos tres meses de docuserie suficientes para hablar de “terrorismo mediático” y “barbarie” con los youtubers Javi Oliveira y JuanjoVlog, que le han hecho a AntonioDá un hueco en sus … Read more

“Fast and Furious 9”, post-credits scene: what it means for Han, Deckard Shaw and the future of Fast and Furious

Fast and Furious 9 post credits scene what it means for

On June 24, the spectacular production “Fast and furious 9″ Reached the screens in much of Latin America. After the expected premiere, between delays and alerts due to the pandemic, the fans of Dominic Toretto and the rest of the characters of “Fast and Furious“They were left with some questions that today, we will try … Read more