Jennifer Lopez’s sporty glam outfit in her trend-setting documentary “Halftime” that everyone talks about

No doubt Jennifer Lopez she is a world fashion icon and every time she wears something, she always draws attention, it is the news of magazines and fashion articles. Her spectacular figure and her great style have made her where she belongs among the brightest stars in Hollywood. On this occasion we will talk about … Read more

Halftime, or Jennifer Lopez’s revenge on the 2000s

Beyond preparing for her Super Bowl concert in 2019, Halftime (available on Netflix) shows that Jennifer Lopez has held her head high for a good part of her career, while she was the victim of media harassment deeply racist and sexist. Might as well say it right away: I looked Half-time without having any particular … Read more

‘Halftime: Jennifer Lopez’ on Netflix: Why you absolutely have to see it

A 1h35 documentary dedicated to Jennifer Lopez, and more particularly to the preparation of the Super Bowl 2020 show, is available on Netflix. Jennifer Lopez has released eight albums, appeared in around thirty films, and is followed by millions of subscribers on social networks. Photo Michael TRAN / AFP Published: June 23, 2022 at 12:39 … Read more

Jennifer Lopez’s ‘Halftime’ Doc Trailer Features Ben Affleck: Watch – Nifey

Share his story. Jennifer Lopez is ready to open on the harder side of fame in the first look at his half time documentary. “It was hard [and I] just had very low self-esteem,” Marry me star, 52 years old, said in the trailer for the documentary, which was released on Wednesday, May 18describing how … Read more

Jennifer Lopez announces the premiere date of her documentary for Netflix, ‘Halftime’

The official Instagram account of the Tribeca Film Festival announced that the documentary “Halftime” by Jennifer Lopez It will be the film that will open the 2022 edition, on June 8. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Tribeca (@tribeca) The singer announced the release of this film in his On The JLO … Read more

From the tribute to Dr. Dre to the gesture of Eminem: four milestones left by the Super Bowl halftime show

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How much did Eminem, Snoop Dogg and 50 Cent get paid to host the Super Bowl LVI halftime show?

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Eminem and all the irreverence of the Super Bowl halftime show

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Best of the Super Bowl LVI Halftime Show with Eminem, Snoop Dogg and 50 Cent

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The controversial angle of the Super Bowl halftime: volunteers in millionaire event

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