Chris Hemsworth’s habits after a party where he had too much to drink

1634205466 Chris Hemsworths habits after a party where he had too

More than one person will have woken up quite discouraged after spending a night having a few extra drinks. However, Australian actor Chris Hemsworth, known for playing Marvel superhero Thor, has revealed the routine he follows for those days in which he felt less motivated after partying. Hemsworth recalls that “You have done this to … Read more

By car, by bike, in the street … 12 habits that cost a lot

By car by bike in the street 12 habits that

We do not always know it, but some of our behavior constitutes offenses punishable by a fine. Remember them to avoid unpleasant surprises! Drive barefoot: 35 € Whether the weather is hot, whether you are in a hurry or the journey is short, you must be wearing shoes to be able to perform the maneuvers … Read more

5 moments left by Ed Sheeran’s interview in CNN Magazine

5 moments left by Ed Sheerans interview in CNN Magazine

British singer Ed Sheeran spoke exclusively with CNN Magazine and tackled his new song called Bad Habits, a single that is more danceable and has a more electronic touch compared to their previous works. The song marks the return after 4 years of the artist and managed to accumulate more than 8 million views on … Read more