Singer Alejandra Guzmán suffers a fall that forces her to cancel a concert in the US

Singer Alejandra Guzman suffers a fall that forces her to

Sequence of the fall of the singer Alejandra Guzmán during a concert in Washington (USA), on September 27, 2022.Octavio Guzman (EFE) Mexican singer Alejandra Guzmán suffered a fall last Tuesday night during her last concert at the John F. Kennedy Center in Washington. The event forced the artist to cancel her concert after she had … Read more

The singer Alejandra Guzmán, evacuated by ambulance after falling on stage

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The Mexican ended up lying on the ground during the United States Hispanic Heritage gala, which was canceled the mexican singer Alejandra Guzmán fell this Tuesday during her performance at the Hispanic Heritage Gala USA, held at the Kennedy Center in Washington, so the event was cancelled, from which she was evacuated by ambulance. Guzmán … Read more

Alexandra Guzman. Fan interrupts concert and touches her improperly

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Digital Millennium Mexico City / 09.21.2022 22:12:00 Alejandra Guzman experienced an unpleasant moment during one of his concerts, because a fan burst onto the stagebut the worst happened when the follower touched the celebrity improperlywhich caused a reaction of surprise and anger. This situation was captured on video by an attendee at the musical event; … Read more

VIDEO | Sylvia Pasquel is at odds with Alejandra Guzmán?; the actress breaks the silence

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On August 29, the actress Silvia Pineapple received a well-deserved tribute at the Palace of Fine Arts organized by his daughter Sylvia Pasquel. At the event, which recognized the entire artistic career of the diva of the Golden Age of Mexican Cinemafriends from the union were present, as well as part of his family, including … Read more

Marta Guzmán takes off her wig in the middle of the program: “I feel comfortable”

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Written in CELEBRITIES the 9/3/2022 3:23 p.m. Martha Guzman generated endless comments after on Friday, September 2, his wig in full interview for the program “the gossip”. Let us remember that Marta Guzmán wears a wig due to the loss of hair she suffered from the breast cancer which was detected in 2011 and which … Read more

Alejandra Guzmán promises to return to her roots in Las Vegas residence

Alejandra Guzman promises to return to her roots in Las scaled

This week, Alejandra Guzmán offered a virtual press conference to announce the presentation of three concerts of hers at the Venetian Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada, which will take place on November 16, 18 and 19 and will mark the debut of her “Tuya Tour” of the United States. “Right now, I feel like I’ve … Read more

The Mexican Alejandra Guzmán announces her concert residency in Las Vegas

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(Updated with statements by Alejandra Guzmán) Miami/Los Angeles, Aug 4 Singer Alejandra Guzmán will offer three concerts in November at the Venetian Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada, which will mark the premiere of her “Tuya Tour” tour in the United States. “It is a very intense, totally new ‘show’, a totally different and new production. … Read more

Ricky Martin and Alejandra Guzmán lived a passionate romance

Ricky Martin and Alejandra Guzmán lived a passionate romance | Instagram Recently, the famous Puerto Rican Ricky Martinwent through one of the most embarrassing moments and scandalous of all his trajectoryWell, his own family, his nephew, took him to court, after accusing him of domestic violence, but millions showed him their support, among them, Alejandra … Read more

Marta Guzmán reveals harassment by an important producer

Martha Guzman She has consolidated one of the most representative careers as a host in different programs, such as ‘Hoy’, ‘Matutino express’ and ‘Primero Noticias’; however, she revealed that she on her way also suffered harassment by a producer, as has happened with more women in the world of show. In an interview, the communicologist … Read more

Marta Guzmán revealed that she suffered harassment from a producer: “You don’t realize it, it was normalized”

Marta Guzman revealed that she suffered harassment from a producer

(Photo: Instagram/@martapasadita) After what at least eight women publicly denounced Jorge Coconut Levy for alleged sexual abuse and harassmentsome figures from the national art world have not only shown solidarity with the alleged victims, they have also raised their voices to share their testimonies of abuse they would have suffered at the hands of other … Read more