“Top Gun: Maverick” already has a release date on Paramount +

Top Gun Maverick already has a release date on Paramount

The sequel came 36 years after the first part was released. (Paramount Pictures) After raising more than 1,500 million dollars worldwide and having good reviews from specialists, Top Gun: Maverick It’s finally coming to a streaming platform. So those who could not see this film starring Tom Cruise on the big screen can enjoy it … Read more

This film with Tom Cruise, which flopped in the United States in 2017 but is currently a hit on Netflix, finally changed the life of the Top Gun actor

This film with Tom Cruise which flopped in the United

2022 is the year of Tom Cruise. Here we are at the end of a summer dominated by the small giant of the cinema, Tom Cruise. Top Gun: Maverick which single-handedly drew crowds to movie theaters around the world. But it took a nadir to get there. Cruise has worn movies his entire professional life, … Read more

Tom Cruise is the king: Top Gun 2 explodes its record in France

Tom Cruise is the king Top Gun 2 explodes its

Top Gun: Maverick is now Tom Cruise’s biggest hit in France, ahead of Rain Man, and far ahead of Mission: Impossible and company. Almost nothing could resist the phenomenon Top Gun 2, which has set records since its release last May. This is the first time that Tom Cruise has crossed the billion mark at … Read more

Top Gun: Maverick continues to bombard Marvel movies, which one did he beat now?

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There is no doubt that (so far) the 2022 film is Top Gun: Maverick. The movie of Tom Cruise Returning as a skilled pilot, it was presented at the end of May and since then it has not only conquered the box office, but has also achieved a great number of achievements. It is now … Read more

The day Victoria and David Beckham recreated an iconic Top Gun scene

After the success of Tom Cruise’s new film, top gun: Maverik, the former Spice Girl, victoria beckhamand her husband, david beckham, wanted to recreate one of the most iconic scenes. It turned out wonderfully and that’s how they were seen together and very much in love. the married couple, Victory Y david beckhamThey met in … Read more

Everyboy inside! Tom Cruise and Top Gun “Maverick” land on VOD on Pickx!

Everyboy inside Tom Cruise and Top Gun Maverick land on

Top Gun “Maverick” – Sequel, Tribute and True Achievement If a film was awaited for more than thirty years, it is Top Gun “Maverick”. Originally slated for summer 2019, the sequel to the 1986 blockbuster was delayed several times, finally landing in theaters in May 2022. The pressure was enormous. And… we are not disappointed! … Read more

Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox Are ‘Inseparable’ Amid Wedding Plans – Nifey

Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox Are Inseparable Amid Wedding

The wedding bells are ringing! Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox are focused on their future despite rumors of a potential split. “Everything is fine between them. No worries in paradise”, exclusively tells a source close to the couple We Weekly. “Fans like to speculate, but they’re still very much together. They really are two … Read more

Did you like ‘Top Gun: Maverick’? You have to watch these 5 movies on Netflix

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Top Gun: Maverick became one of the biggest movie hits of the year. The combination of a tribute to a generational film, a simple story to understand and an impressive visual section, dazzled us. It is a demonstration that there is room in theaters beyond franchises and science fiction, pure action still attracts the box … Read more

Top Gun: Maverick broke a new record for one of the highest-grossing Marvel movies

For more than three decades, fans of top gun awaited with bated breath that the film starring Tom Cruise and directed by Tony Scott had a continuation. In 2010, Paramount Pictures approached producer Jerry Bruckheimer and Scott about making a sequel. It was paralyzed by the death of the director and it was only in … Read more

Tom Cruise follows the record: ‘Top Gun. Maverick’ already surpasses ‘Infinity War’ in the US box office record

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the great top gun. Maverick has become a phenomenon, a fact that the movie buff rejoices because it is a block buster than before and because, in bad times for cinema in theaters (largely due to the decisions of the majors), rewards the strong commitment of Tom Cruise for the experience on the big screen. … Read more