12 years after separating, Flor Bertotti told how her relationship is today with Guido Kaczka and how they manage the upbringing of their son Romeo

florence Bertotti Y guide Kaczka They were one of the most beloved couples in the scene, both young, beautiful and sparkling. And with all the future ahead. However, their love ended abruptly, without giving further explanations or excuses. But today, in Partners of the show, the actress was consulted about how her relationship with the … Read more

Mariana Garza opens romance with the musician Guido Laris.

© Hernández, Isunza, Mancera and E. Sánchez The 50-year-old actress was married to Pablo Perroni for 13 years, but they separated in 2018 because he was more interested in men. After TVNotas made you know exclusively, at the beginning of 2019, that Mariana Garza and Pablo Perroni, ages 50 and 46, respectively, had ended their … Read more