Tributes from within: bands that fill more than local (and international) groups | Metal Circus

Tributes from within bands that fill more than local and

The world of tribute bands seems totally alien to our scene given the high level of “hate” they receive on networks. But then their concerts are full of people, more than with underground bands that are born. We spoke with one of the most important promoters of this type of concert in our country, Ernest … Read more

Letizia’s music: these are the Queen’s favorite groups

Letizias music these are the Queens favorite groups

Queen Letizia’s love of music is well known. On several occasions, the kings have been caught incognito among the public at rock concerts, classical music, pop… Together with her husband, the queen has enjoyed the live of Alejandro Sanz or of G-menamong others, and He was recently with his daughters, the princesses Leonor and Sofiaat … Read more

Music | Everything that will sound at La Mercé: groups and stages — New Code

Rosalia in Mexico City You have my heart stolen

Normality returns to Barcelona’s festival with a hundred concerts We hardly remember the Covid-19 anymore and, finally, a Mercè as god commands. Get back to normal with a hundred BAM concerts, the Acció Cultura Viva festival and the Mercè Music, in the public space and with free access from September 23 to 26. One of … Read more

10 Spanish musical groups and artists that ensure a great musical

10 Spanish musical groups and artists that ensure a great

The musical genre in Spain has never been synonymous with success in strictly commercial termsexcept for phenomena as outstanding as that of the wonderful ‘The Other Side of the Bed‘. However, if we focus our attention on the artistic results, that is another story. And sorry for the easy joke. Spanish musical groups that deserve … Read more

Buena Fe, one of the most representative musical groups of the Latin American scene is in Venezuela

Buena Fe one of the most representative musical groups of

Arthur Munoz “An expected visit” This is how Israel Rojas defined his visit to Venezuela, which he considers to be his second homeland. “Venezuela is very special to me, it is a country that has fought tirelessly for its future and Venezuelans are like my family,” said the musician. For his part, Yoel Martínez thanked … Read more

One Direction, Fifth Harmony, BTS… these are the most influential music groups of the 2010s

The king of hedge funds justifies its bearish position in

Could we imagine the music industry without bands? Certainly not. The combination of voices between artists is essential to create songs that are a success and the bands help this to emerge. Many are formed out of friendship, but others do so through television contests. There is no formula to establish success, but we do … Read more