NCT 127 arrived in Latin America! K-pop group greeted fans at Brazil airport

NCT 127 arrived in Latin America K pop group greeted fans

NCT 127 It is on Latin American soil. The “Favorite” and “Sticker” singers arrived in Brazil on the morning of January 17 and were received at the airport by dozens of fans. Excited screams are heard in the videos that record the arrival of NCT, since it is the first time that the k-pop group … Read more

“It is an absolute shame”: the French press repudiated a discriminatory song by a group of Argentine fans

It is an absolute shame the French press repudiated a

The French press criticized the xenophobic and homophobic chant of Argentine fans “Listen, run the ball…”. Thus begins one of the most widespread and discriminatory songs in Argentine soccer. It was popularized by fans of Nueva Chicago directed at his classic rival, Almirante Brown. The hit does not refer to ridicule related to relegations, history … Read more

Francella spoke about the criticism of a group of goalkeepers to the series El Encargado

Julio Iglesias from an elegant Mercedes Benz at 125000 euros

An unusual controversy was generated this Wednesday with the criticism of a group of goalkeepers from Buenos Aires to the series “El Encargado”, starring Guillermo Francella in Star +. The group – which does not represent the union – said that the fiction, which they called a “disastrous story”, “does not represent them in the … Read more

The alleged letter from a group of managers against the new series by Guillermo Francella that went viral

The alleged letter from a group of managers against the

Guillermo Francella personifies Eliseo in The Manager, a man in charge of a kind and helpful building but who hides a different personality – Credits: @Star+ In The one in charge, the series of Star+ which premiered last week William Francella personifies Elysiumprecisely a manager of a building that shows a friendly and predisposed facade, … Read more

The English group, alt-J, on tour in Spain – EL GENERACIONAL

The English group alt J on tour in Spain EL

alt-J concerts in Spain | Source: Livenation Advertising alt- J returns to Spain to play his latest album, The Dream, live After five years of silence, the English band alt-J will visit Spain again. The presentation tour of their fourth EP, dream, will have two concerts in our country: on November 14 in Barcelona and … Read more

Buenas Noches Rose: the story of the best Spanish group of the nineties that never was

Buenas Noches Rose the story of the best Spanish group

This story could be titled: how can life be so complicated when you have everything to succeed. There was a period, in the mid-nineties, when music journalists and fans looking for new talent were excited about the phenomenon. good night Rose. She felt that something big was happening in front of the eyes and ears … Read more

A musical group invited to the Vox festival sings “Let’s go back to 36”

Anuel AA makes Yailin La Mas Viral perrear in cacheteros

“Let’s go back to 36.” That was the chorus of the theme with which the group Infovlogger and Los Meconios opened the concert that enlivened Saturday night Viva 22, the annual party of Vox, which the organization expected more than 30,000 people to attend. From the stage of the Espacio Mad Cool, in Valdebebas (Madrid), … Read more

‘The Rat Pack’, the group of mafia actors led by Frank Sinatra

Rosalia in Mexico City You have my heart stolen

In the 1960s, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Peter Lawford, Joey Bishop and Sammy Davis Jr were part of ‘The Rat Pack’. Many people believe that the life of Frank Sinatrapopular American singer and actor of the 40’s, was full of glamour, music and wealth, but behind all that fame the artist lived tragic stories that … Read more

The Bronco group will offer a symphonic concert at the Northern Mexico Festival

Estereo Picnic among the 50 best festivals in the world

Monterrey (Mexico), 3 Oct. The Mexican group Bronco, an icon of regional Mexican music, reported this Monday that on November 2 it will offer a symphonic concert as part of the programming of the Santa Lucía International Festival (FISL), one of the most important in northern Mexico, and that is celebrating 15 years. Thanks to … Read more