How ‘I am Groot’ connects with ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’

How I am Groot connects with Guardians of the

Courtesy of Marvel Studios Marvel’s new animated series I Am Grootoffers fans of the MCU of Disney+ exactly what they want: the non-stop antics of Baby Groot. The five five-minute shorts put the smallest guardian in the galaxy in scenarios with small stakes but great potential for adventure. Groot travels to alien worlds, transforming and … Read more

‘I am Groot’ on Disney+: Why did Bradley Cooper choose an English major at Georgetown University instead of acting? – Start

I am Groot on Disney Why did Bradley Cooper choose scaled

Finally, after teasing fans, Marvel Studios is ready to bring its intriguing, out-of-the-box fantasy adventure series ‘I am Groot’. The series premieres globally on August 10, 2022 on Disney+. The series has been directed by Kirsten Lepore. The series is also part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The trailer was officially unveiled at the San … Read more

I am Groot: which Marvel characters will appear in the Disney + series

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Disney+ I am Groot is an animated series centered on the friendly Guardian of the Galaxy with five exclusive shorts. What other MCU characters will appear? By Ezequiel Torres Policastro 08/09/2022 – 01:20 UTC 08/09/2022 – 01:20 UTC © Disney+I am Groot By Ezequiel Torres Policastro Next August 10 arrives at Disney+ the animated series … Read more

The new promotional poster for I Am Groot shakes the timeline confirmed by Marvel

The new promotional poster for I Am Groot shakes the

A few weeks ago we were able to meet the first details of the history of I Am Groota spin-off of Guardians of the Galaxy composed of several short films that will have Baby Groot as the protagonist. In the first episode we will see the little groot gathering supplies to make a work of … Read more

I am Groot is going to be the bomb!! First images of the animated series

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Marvel Studios has presented the first trailer for I Am Groot at San Diego Comic-Con, and it’s going to be the bomb The series is a five-episode animated anthology that will follow the character of baby Groot, voiced in his original version by Vin Diesel, an actor who has lent his voice to the character … Read more

The Groot series already has a release date on Disney + but James Gunn does not recognize it as part of the ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ saga

The Groot series already has a release date on Disney

In this world dominated by franchises populated by countless characters, the paths of the spin offs they are inscrutable. A feature film or a series can come out of nowhere —let’s not talk about transmedia products anymore— based on the secondary of the day; but if any of these projects make all the sense in … Read more

They filter the premiere date of I Am Groot on Disney Plus

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Share0 Baby Groot from Marvel Studios We already know when we will be able to see the short film titled I Am Groot from Marvel Studios that will premiere on Disney Plus. Definitely, groot He is one of the most beloved characters in Marvel Studiossince it is a fundamental part of the Guardians of the … Read more