The 93 years that Grace Kelly would have turned today: her storybook life and her death at 52

The 93 years that Grace Kelly would have turned today

This Saturday the Hollywood star and princess of Monaco would have turned 93 Grace Kelly, one of the most beautiful and elegant women but also an essential actress in the history of cinema, and this despite the fact that she was only active for a few years and only shot a handful of films. She … Read more

Chloë Grace Moretz Becomes a PC Gamer and Asks for Help Building on Twitter

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There is no bait that hooks a PC gamer more than someone on social media asking for advice on building a PC, especially if that someone is a celebrity with 2.8 million followers, like actress Chloë Grace Moretz. The star of Kick-Ass and new sci-fi series The Peripheral recently tweeted about her gaming habits, saying … Read more

“Chloë Grace Moretz is the truest and strongest actress”: meet the team of Peripherals the worlds of Flynne on Prime Video

Chloe Grace Moretz is the truest and strongest actress meet

AlloCiné met part of the Peripheral team, the worlds of Flynne, a new SF series to discover every week on Prime Video. What convinced you to be part of Peripheral devices ? Have you read William Gibson’s book? Lisa Joy (the producer): When I read William Gibson’s book, I immediately understood that it had to … Read more

Comedian Leslie Jordan, famous for his role in Will & Grace, died in a traffic accident

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A sad news shook the Hollywood industry. The actor Leslie Jordanowner of an extensive career in film, television and theater, died Monday morning in a traffic accident. Jordan, 67, was driving his car when he crashed into a building and was killed instantly. Although the investigations into the cause of his death are still being … Read more

‘The Peripheral’ promises to be the new great science fiction series on Amazon Prime Video but at the moment only Chloë Grace Moretz is at that level

The Peripheral promises to be the new great science fiction

amazon He has been trying to find his new great science fiction series for some time now. Prime Video. It is true that it could be said that it already is ‘TheBoys’, but superheroes are a separate case within this genre, while the rest of the recent attempts have not gelled as well as expected. … Read more

Lo que tuvo que pagar Grace Kelly para casarse con Raniero de Mónaco

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Se han cumplido cuarenta años del accidente mortal sufrido por Gracia de Mónaco el pasado 13 de septiembre de 1982. El recuerdo de ese fatídico suceso no ha tenido en los medios de comunicación demasiado relieve, oscurecido como puede comprenderse estos días por el fallecimiento de Isabel II. Quien fuera una estrella importante, la mejor … Read more

Chloë Grace Moretz will be the protagonist of “The Peripheral”, the new Prime Video series

Chloe Grace Moretz will be the protagonist of The Peripheral scaled

Adaptation of William Gibson’s best-selling novel that has been described as a “dazzling, hallucinatory insight into the fate of mankind, and what lies beyond”. (Prime Video) One of the projects that took the longest to see the light in Prime Video it is The Peripheralscience fiction drama that is in charge of Lisa Joy Y … Read more

La Mort De Grace Kelly Et Les Mystères Entourant Son Accident De Voiture – Tech Tribune France

L’une des stars les plus glamour d’Hollywood avant de devenir la princesse Grace de Monaco, Grace Kelly est décédée le lendemain du crash de sa voiture sur une falaise près de Monte Carlo en 1982. Collection Silver Screen / Archives Hulton / Getty ImagesL’actrice Grace Kelly, vers 1955, un an avant son mariage avec le … Read more