Joan Manuel Serrat said goodbye to Lima (and we have no choice but joy) | CHRONICLE

Joan Manuel Serrat said goodbye to Lima and we have

Piano, violin, drums, double bass, saxophone. It’s 9:15 p.m., and the musicians are ready on stage, an open curtain lets the singer-songwriter pass. The people receive him standing up and Joan Manuel Serrat open your arms His first words are sung: “Dale que dale”, a theme composed from the verses of Miguel Hernández, is the … Read more

Goodbye to ‘The Godfather’ and ‘Parasites’. This is now the best movie of all time, according to moviegoers around the world.

1668712391 Goodbye to The Godfather and Parasites This is now the

It is not easy to determine which is the best movie of all time, but there are some rankings that have been created by different internet audiences that can vote in specialized applications. Now, the top of some of these lists now has a new 1, and has displaced both ‘The Godfather‘ like ‘parasites‘. A … Read more

Izal says goodbye in Madrid after twelve years of experience

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The Madrid group Izal has said goodbye this weekend with two concerts at the Wizink in Madrid in which they have hung the ‘no tickets’ sign. A total of 30,000 people have attended the recitalswhich put the finishing touch to a twelve-year career of success. The band has attended TVE before their final concerts, confirming … Read more

Goodbye, Dr. Simi? Like when you’re in the middle of a concert and the audience throws a camera at you

Goodbye Dr Simi Like when youre in the middle of

We know that People can be very passionate about their favorite artists and even give them some pretty weird gifts.. In Mexico we have the case of the famous Dr. Simi, who is in the best events and even (although not everyone likes this curious tradition), we always see him together with great musicians and … Read more

Joan Manuel Serrat prepares his arrival in Lima after saying goodbye to Mexico with a concert before 100 thousand people

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The renowned Spanish singer-songwriter Joan Manuel Serrat He said goodbye to Mexico last weekend with an emotional concert, free and outdoors, in the Zócalo of the Mexican capital, which attracted more than 100,000 people, who sang all his most popular songs. The presentation, lasting just over two hours, was exciting with a Serrat delivered to … Read more

Álvaro Soler’s most bittersweet goodbye: “It’s time to say goodbye”

Estereo Picnic among the 50 best festivals in the world

There must be few sensations as complex to manage for a musician as the day he says goodbye to the stage. But not in his withdrawal but in the change between one musical stage and the next. And that’s why it’s happening Alvaro Soler these days. Through his social networks, the musician has left testimony … Read more

Daddy Yankee said goodbye to Peru, but promised to return for a visit: “If they see me, they invite me to a ceviche”

Daddy Yankee said goodbye to Peru but promised to return

Daddy Yankee presented a second concert in Peru. | Instagram daddy yankee He presented this Tuesday, October 19, his second and last concert in Peru. The ‘Big Boss’ He has been doing his farewell tour and this time it was our country’s turn. Thousands of fans packed the National state the two days of the … Read more

Goodbye resellers! Tickets for Bad Bunny will be nominative in Chile

Goodbye resellers Tickets for Bad Bunny will be nominative in

A few days before the expected concert of bad bunny in Chiliand within the framework of the complications that the show of daddy yankee in Lima, Bizarro Live Entertainment reported that the entries will be mandatory nomination. The production company Bizarro, in charge of bringing the “Bad Rabbit” to Chile, announced new measures for the … Read more