Luis Aguilar: They were all the wives of the gallant of the Golden Age

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Luis Aguilar f.He was one of the stars who achieved fame during the Golden Age of Mexican Cinema and that could successfully transcend until our times, because despite the fact that he died several years ago, he still has thousands of followers, who are interested in knowing data about his artistic career, as well as … Read more

Neither María Félix, Dolores del Río or Silvia Pinal: she was the highest-grossing actress of the Golden Age

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When talking about the Golden Age of Mexican Cinema, the greatest female references without a doubt tend to be María Félix, Dolores del Río or Silvia Pinal, who starred in the most important films of that time. However, these three actresses they were not the highest grossingthat is, the most viewed on the big screen, … Read more

‘Avatar 2’ misses out on a golden opportunity with Kate Winslet

Avatar 2 misses out on a golden opportunity with Kate

Avatar: The Water Sense going to bet on expanding the universe of Pandora, the world with which james cameron blew us away in 2009 and with which he earned the title of the highest grossing film of all time. As he has well told over the years and we could see in his first trailerthis … Read more

Hen with the golden eggs, disowning Rowling would cost too much…

Hen with the golden eggs disowning Rowling would cost too

In 2021, JK Rowling’s fortune was valued at €743 million. The eight films have grossed more than $7.6 billion — $1.34 billion for the eighth, released in 2017. In early 2018, the seven novels were reported to have sold more than 500 million copies — an unquantifiable sum, probably between 5 and 10 billion €? … Read more

Joaquín Cordero, the Golden Age actor who died for love

Joaquin Cordero the Golden Age actor who died for love

The children of Joaquín Cordero assured that their father died of love (Photo: Twitter/@vazquezgjaime) Joaquin Corderoone of the most famous gallants of the Golden eraafter his retirement he suffered one of the strongest emotional blows in his entire life, the death of his wifesomething that provoked serious effects on your healthwhich worsened to the point … Read more

Golden Age: Marina Camacho, the actress who was murdered by her neighbors

Golden Age Marina Camacho the actress who was murdered by

Marina Camacho was the protagonist of several films of the Golden Age, as well as her own red note (Photo: INAH) Among the actresses who had a short film career during the Golden era and a tragic endit’s found Marina Camachoan artist who was part of some movies during her youth, before she retired and … Read more

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With 43 points from a titanic Stephen Curry, the Golden State Warriors beat the Boston Celtics 107-97 on Friday and tied 2-2 in the NBA Finals. Curry, 48 hours after finishing injured in Game 3, got on the backs of the Warriors to avoid running into a 3-1 deficit that has only been traced once … Read more

Golden State vs Celtics: Who broadcasts and when is the fifth game of the NBA finals played?

The finals of the NBA are still red hot. After the first four games, the series between Golden State Warriors Y boston celtics is tied 2-2 and now the Warriors are going through the gap and being one step away from the title at home. The fourth game played at the TD Garden allowed the … Read more

Alex Montiel confessed how he would have started the clash between Pedro Sola and “Golden Scorpion”

Alex Montiel confessed how he would have started the clash

After what happened, the driver said that he was hospitalized for a cataract operation. (Photo: @tiopedritosola, @goldenescorpion/ Instagram) Alex Montiel, better known in social networks as Golden Scorpionwas honest about the alleged enmity that Pedro Sola has with his irreverent character, this after apparently caused the driver annoyance during his recent visit to windowing. The … Read more

Luis Aguilar: These were the addictions and tragedies that marked the life of the Golden Cinema heartthrob

Louis Aguilar He was considered one of the leading gallants of the so-called Golden Age of Mexican Cinema where he had the opportunity to shine alongside other great luminaries in dozens of films, however, not everything was hunky-dory in his successful careerwhich was marked by addictions and tragedies, so then we tell you how was … Read more