Whoopi Goldberg Reveals She Has Stopped Dating Younger Men: “Sometimes It’s Tiring”

Whoopi Goldberg Reveals She Has Stopped Dating Younger Men Sometimes

The age debate in romantic relationships has reopened, this time on the American small screen. Whoopi Goldberg has opened up about her own love life – at 65 – in The View, the talk show that presents. During the episode aired this Wednesday, the actress who swept movies 30 years ago Ghost and Sister Act … Read more

Whoopi Goldberg doesn’t want to be cougars anymore

Whoopi Goldberg doesnt want to be cougars anymore

Whoopi Goldberg is quite alone, but when she does get into a relationship with someone, she prefers to avoid younger men. In any case, this is what she revealed on her show The View. Whoopi Goldberg notably recounted a previous experience with a younger man, where she had to teach him who the Beatles were … Read more

Julián López: “I prefer Bach’s ‘Goldberg Variations’ to a Monty Python film”

1629437294 Julian Lopez I prefer Bachs Goldberg Variations to a Monty

Mid-morning in El Provencio, a municipality of 2,500 inhabitants in the south of the province of Cuenca. In other words, the hometown of Julián López, 42, a comedian, who answers the interview by phone from there. “What is El Provencio like? Now with suffocating heat … It is a very normal town, I would like … Read more

Meghan McCain slammed by Whoopi Goldberg on The View for saying Biden had ’embarrassed’ with Putin

WHOOPI Goldberg has slammed Meghan McCain for equating Joe Biden with Donald Trump and for saying Biden “embarrassed himself” when he met Vladimir Putin – before apologizing for his comments. The View co-stars got into a heated debate on Thursday’s show after McCain called Biden’s refusal of a question from a CNN reporter as “100% … Read more