Goodbye to ‘The Godfather’ and ‘Parasites’. This is now the best movie of all time, according to moviegoers around the world.

1668712391 Goodbye to The Godfather and Parasites This is now the

It is not easy to determine which is the best movie of all time, but there are some rankings that have been created by different internet audiences that can vote in specialized applications. Now, the top of some of these lists now has a new 1, and has displaced both ‘The Godfather‘ like ‘parasites‘. A … Read more

Neither ‘The Godfather’ nor ‘Parasites’: This is the best movie of all time right now and you can watch it for free at home

Estereo Picnic among the 50 best festivals in the world

The list of one of the social networks most used by moviegoers has placed this war drama from the 80s in number one position. Moviegoers around the world tap into the opinions of other moviegoers to find different recommendations. Over time, the social network letterboxd it has become the best resource for sharing reactions and … Read more

‘The Godfather’ and the reasons why it has not aged 50 years after its premiere

The Godfather and the reasons why it has not aged

A UPC publication analyzes the success and longevity of the classic gangster film. Much has been said and written about ‘The Godfather’ and even so there are still reasons to continue analyzing the film that remains alive in the popular imagination. This has been demonstrated by ‘Ask for it with respect’, a publication by the … Read more

The phrases of ‘The Godfather’ that popular culture could not reject

The phrases of The Godfather that popular culture could not

Federico Marin BellonFOLLOW Updated:10/21/2022 09:29 a.m. Save the script you wrote Francis Ford Coppola from the novel mario puzzo it is a prodigy. The filmmaker is very faithful to the source material, an entertaining book that he turns into a work of art. He raises his pages to another dimension, without needing to betray them. … Read more

Sacheen Littlefeather, actress who turned down Marlon Brando’s Oscar for ‘The Godfather’, dies

Anuel AA ended up on the floor in the middle

Play Cinema Madrid Updated:03/10/2022 16:02h Save Related news The actress has died at the age of 75 Sacheen Littlefeatheras reported this Sunday by the American Film Academy, known above all for having rejected the award for Oscar during the 1973 Oscar gala. Marlon Brando for his performance as Don Vito Corleone in ‘The Godfather’. Sacheen … Read more

The secrets of “The Godfather”: a film with the smell of spaghetti and the rejection of Al Pacino for “shorty”

The secrets of The Godfather a film with the smell scaled

Actor, producer, playboy, businessman: Robert Evans was the creator of “The Godfather” and “Chinatown”, among other Hollywood box office phenomena The film exudes warp, nuances, intelligence, richness of subtexts, subtle characters; it is essentially an opera. It has just been 50 years since the global premiere of “The Godfather”, that family, criminal and Shakespearean saga. … Read more

They rent the imposing house where The Godfather was filmed: how much does it cost and how is the mansion where Vito Corleone’s character lived today

They rent the imposing house where The Godfather was filmed

The property is located in Staten Island, New York (Airbnb) Just over 50 years ago it was released The Godfather, that more than a movie, it became a fundamental piece of cinema history. for half a century fans of the film relived the trilogy over and over again, and like all classics, it maintained its … Read more

The Godfather, Misery, The Solitaire… the brilliant James Caan is dead

The Godfather Misery The Solitaire the brilliant James Caan is

Comedian James Caan revealed in The Godfather died at the age of 82. He leaves behind him a great career and several unforgettable roles. The family of actor James Caan announced on Twitter his death, which occurred on July 6. He was 82 years old and leaves behind him a long and beautiful career which … Read more

James Caan, one of the protagonists of The Godfather, has died

James Caan one of the protagonists of The Godfather has

Photo: Courtesy Twitter Gilbert Santa Rosa The Puerto Rican Salsero Gilberto Santa Rosa premiered his new song last Friday,ForSalewhich humorously revolves around the difficult situation a couple can face when they separate and get rid of belongings of sentimental value. “We have all met someone who, after breaking up with their partner, decides to sell … Read more