‘Black Panther 2’: This is how Marvel prepared Mabel Cadena not to give spoilers about her character

Black Panther 2 This is how Marvel prepared Mabel Cadena

What are the strategies that Marvel Studios uses to avoid leaking the biggest secrets of their productions? The Mexican actress Mabel Cadena responds from her experience in ‘Black Panther: Wakanda Forever’. Since Hombre de Hierro (from John Favreau) to Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania (starring Paul Rudd and Evangeline Lilly, and which will premiere in … Read more

Hollywood is not taking risks and will give the Oscars to Jimmy Kimmel

Julio Iglesias from an elegant Mercedes Benz at 125000 euros

For the third time in history, the Oscars will feature Jimmy Kimmel as host at their next award ceremony, thus recovering the figure of the presenter, absent since 2018. “It is a great honor or a trap. Either way, I am grateful to the Academy for asking me so quickly after all the good ones … Read more

Pasión Vega will give its first concert in Puerto Rico in April 2023

What song does Eddie play at the end of Stranger

San Juan, Oct 31 (EFE).- Pasión Vega announced that she will give a concert for the first time in Puerto Rico on April 29, 2023 at 8:30 p.m. local time (00:30 GMT) at the San Juan Fine Arts Center. “When I think of Latin America, I always think of a common trunk that unites us, … Read more

These are the extravagant demands of Bad Bunny to give a concert

bad bunny is one of the biggest exponents of the genre urban all over the world. Their race follow in ascent and he seems to have no ceiling since apart from everything he generates with music, the singer also ventures into acting and develops his facet as an entrepreneur with a luxurious restaurant recently opened … Read more

Elton John will give his last concert in the United States and we tell you how to watch it in streaming

Elton John will give his last concert in the United

Many British musicians have marked the history of music… but very few like Elton John. Doing a review of his career, the beloved “Rocketman” has gone through a lot of evolutions that have elevated him to a legendary status, with his ups and downs and all that that implies. Tremendous legacy, without a doubt. But … Read more

What health problem is Kenya Os facing that will not allow her to give concerts?

What health problem is Kenya Os facing that will not

Kenya Os and her health problems (Instagram/@keniaos) The singer and influencer Kenya Os enjoyed the release party of his album K23 last Wednesday October 26th along with his close circle, as well as various influencers. The party was attended by personalities such as Manelyk GonzalezRocio Sanchez del Rio, Mont Pantoja, Yeri MuaPablo Chagra, Gera MX, … Read more

New signings arrive at ‘Emily in Paris’ and give us a clue as to where the new season will go

New signings arrive at Emily in Paris and give us

Emily in Paris warm up engines to surprise all his followers with new episodes on December 21. The third season will pick up where we left off, when Emily Cooper (Lily Collins) was torn between two cities, Chicago and Paris, and between two men: chef Gabriel (Lucas Bravo) and his French classmate, Alfie (Lucien Laviscount). … Read more

Jeff Dhamer’s 5 Weirdest Facts That Will Give You Goosebumps

The chilling facts of Jeff Dhamer October 22, 2022 3:30 p.m. Jeff Dhamer was a serial killer that recently the streaming platform known as Netflix, decided to launch the terrifying story in which it has been a success, because the story of the Milwaukee butcher in which he narrates how Jeff begins from his adolescence … Read more

How will the concert that Ángela Aguilar will give in the Day of the Dead Parade

Matt Damon and Ben Affleck work together again entering fully

The Day of the Dead is getting closer and this year the celebrations will take place saturday october 29. The person in charge of closing Big parade is nothing more and nothing less than Angela Aguilarthe Princess of Mexican Music. Great news for fans of Angela Aguilar: just a few days ago, the Government of … Read more

J Balvin and Black Eyed Peas will give concerts during the Qatar 2022 World Cup

J Balvin and Black Eyed Peas will give concerts during

We are a few days from the Qatar World Cup takes place, and in addition to the matches in which different countries will compete for victory, there will be some concerts such as those of J Balvin Y black Eyed Peas. Well, recently, the presence of the artists in this event, one of the most … Read more