Dan Aykroyd thinks Ghostbusters 4, 5, 6 should feature an original squad

If there is one person who has always been behind the ghost hunters franchise, it’s star and writer Dan Aykroyd, and after Ghostbusters: the afterlife blew box office expectations when it arrived in November, there would obviously be questions about whether we will see the original team again in the future. As Aykroyd, Bill Murray, … Read more

Olivia Wilde’s Ghostbusters: The Afterlife’s Role As Gozer Officially Confirmed In BTS Image

Ghostbusters: the afterlife fans reconnected with the hit 1984 film ghost hunters featuring not only its titular heroes but also the original villain of the franchise in the form of Gozer the Gozerian. Reports ahead of the film’s arrival in theaters last month suggested that Gozer’s character would be portrayed in the new film by … Read more

After Ghostbusters: Legacy, Dan Aykroyd wants to see Bill Murray and his friends die in a fourth film

After Ghostbusters Legacy Dan Aykroyd wants to see Bill Murray

Ghostbusters: The Legacy is a nice commercial success and the original team is already thinking of getting back on track for a fourth episode … Their swan song? Over $ 165 million at the global box office. These are rather satisfactory recipes for Jason Reitman’s nostalgic trip, which had not cost so much (70 million … Read more

‘Ghostbusters’: all the movies and series of the franchise ordered from worst to best

1638828531 Ghostbusters all the movies and series of the franchise ordered

The premiere of ‘Ghostbusters: Beyond‘(Ghostbusters: Afterlife, 2021) is being a public success, accumulating good numbers at its American box office, something that did not anticipate its timid critical reception. However, the sequel is catching on, and its strategy of reaching more generations seems to be working. Where is the sequel to Jason Reitman compared to the other films and series in the saga? we review everything that the franchise has given of itself and put it in order of priority if you want to review it.

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‘Ghostbusters: Beyond’: a remarkable sequel to the ‘Stranger Things’ era that balances horror, adventure and comedy in a script with soul

1638532066 Ghostbusters Beyond a remarkable sequel to the Stranger Things era

Most of the problems you can find in a project like ‘Ghostbusters: Beyond‘can be sensed in his trailer. The wickers with which this late sequel is built are the same as other late sequels, undercover reboots, or recent remakes featuring characters from the original movies. Therefore, no one should be surprised that what awaits us in this new adventure responds to some standard patterns for similar projects.

We can also perceive from the original material that the new film tries to fit into a scenario where its own influence has created the phenomenon of today’s massive pop culture ‘Stranger Things‘, which brings here a Finn Wolfhard who had already dressed in the beige jumpsuit in the second season of the Netflix series. It cannot be denied that this new installment is late to the eighties revival, but It is a case in which it is worth asking what was before, the chicken or the egg.

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Ghostbusters: Afterlife, review. Nostalgia as a business – MeriStation

1638466177 Ghostbusters Afterlife review Nostalgia as a business MeriStation

In the cinema, as in life, all comparisons are hateful, but in the case of Ghostbusters: Afterlife is inevitable because there are many factors that invite it. First because aHe front of the project is Jason Reitman, son of director of the first two installments (Ivan Reitman), second because part of those who have put … Read more

Harold Ramis: what did the “Ghostbusters” actor who played Egon Spengler die of

1638257611 Harold Ramis what did the Ghostbusters actor who played Egon

What happened to Harold Ramis? The actor is one of the remembered characters from “Ghostbusters” like Dr. Egon Spengler. He starred in the tapes of the franchise of “Los casafantasmas“Along with Dan Aykroyd, Ernie Hudson and Bill Murray, with whom he had another separate story, with goals and reconciliation. However, few remember what kind of … Read more

Ghostbusters Director: Legacy Wants Diablo Cody to Write Next Ghostbusters Movie | Tomatazos

Ghostbusters Director Legacy Wants Diablo Cody to Write Next Ghostbusters

2021 was the perfect time to revive one of the biggest 1980s fantasy franchises in the film industry: The Ghostbusters – 97%. Although in 2016 the attempt had already been made, the reception of the audience was not the best, and we are talking about a product that is quite loved by the public and … Read more

Aykroyd and Bill Murray explain the return of the original cast to ‘Ghostbusters Beyond’

1638162293 Aykroyd and Bill Murray explain the return of the original

The star of Ghostbusters and creator of the saga, Dan Ayrkoyd, has explained on why the original Ghostbusters returned for the Jason Reitman sequel, Ghostbusters: Ms all, which will be released in Spain next December 3 in theaters. The sequel, which featured an emotional trailer a few days ago, will focus on Callie and her … Read more

Olivia Wilde appears in Ghostbusters: The Legacy and you probably haven’t noticed

Olivia Wilde appears in Ghostbusters The Legacy and you probably

Ghostbusters: the legacy is already in theaters and, despite mixed reviews (it has a 63% approval rating in Rotten tomatoes) was very well received by the public. In less than two weeks he raised $ 60 million and was favored by comments from the most loyal fans who pointed out the direct connection and tribute … Read more