La guerra menos pensada: Rodrigo Lussich apuntó contra Germán Martitegui

La guerra menos pensada Rodrigo Lussich apunto contra German Martitegui

Escrito en ESPECTÁCULOS el 6/10/2023 · 23:00 hs A mediados del mes pasado se supo que Germán Martitegui había sufrido un robo en su casa en el mes de abril. Por el robo se detuvo a una mujer que había trabajado durante un tiempo en la casa del chef pero finalmente fue liberada. Al respecto opinó … Read more

Damián Betular, Germán Martitegui and Donato De Santis with a new format for Telefé: the details

Damian Betular German Martitegui and Donato De Santis with a

MasterChef-Argentina-and-I-will-invoice-Rodolfo-La-Sole-it’s-me-20230626-0024.html” target=”_blank”>“Masterchef” with Wanda Nara in driving, he finishes his recordings in two weeks while maintaining MasterChef-was-widely surpassed-by-a-program-from-TV-Publica-20230626-0006.html” target=”_blank”>as the “one” in the rating. Damian Betular, German Martitegui and Donato De Santis have just presented a new format which includes the three jurors. The program, still without a title, would take them to travel together … Read more

German police investigate Roger Waters for wearing Nazi-style attire at a concert in Berlin – BBC News Mundo

German police investigate Roger Waters for wearing Nazi style attire at

Drafting BBC News World 1 hour image source, Tik Tok Caption, Roger Waters appeared in a long black coat with a red armband and what appears to be a Nazi symbol in Berlin. His act could be considered hate speech and is now under investigation. German police conduct investigation against former Pink Floyd bassist Roger … Read more

Canary timplista Germán López brings his music to South Florida with two special guests

Rumors about the state of health of the singer Chyno

German Lopez Courtesy Koubek Center With his inseparable timple, a small five-string guitar native to the Canary Islands, a relative of the cuatro, the cavaquinho, the ukulele and the charango, maestro Germán López arrives in South Florida to perform at Miami Dade College’s Koubek Center on Friday, November 18 at 8 pm as part of … Read more

Lord of the Lost confirm in Salamander that the German Gothic wants to return to the top | Science of Noise – Rock Magazine

Lord of the Lost confirm in Salamander that the German

I came to consider going this summer to the Rock legends by Lord of the Lost and by the Sweetso obviously, since I finally didn’t go, I couldn’t miss the concert in Barcelona-L’H de Lord of the Lost. This German band has once again put German gothic in style and has done so at levels … Read more

Deluxe! So the incredible cover of a German band to “Persiana americana” by Soda Stereo

Deluxe So the incredible cover of a German band to

If a good part of the public in Latin America agrees on something, it is that soda Stereo is the biggest rock band to come out of this region of the continent. For a long time, he was one of those glories of music that always left us with the thorn that They deserved much … Read more

Die Toten Hosen renewed its idyll with Argentina | The German band celebrated the 30th anniversary of its first Buenos Aires show at the Obras Stadium

Christian Bale reveals the two great Marvel cameos that were

On his third return to the stage, Campino appeared wearing the scarf of Liverpool FC, a team of which he is a fan, despite being German. Suddenly, he put it on his head, asking the audience to do the same with whatever he had on hand. Then he gave play to his phone, and shouted … Read more

German band surprises with a cover of ‘Persiana Americana’ by Soda Stereo

Anuel AA ended up on the floor in the middle

Soda Stereo is one of the bands that has marked the history of rock in Spanish. Over the years, various artists have performed ‘covers’ of his songs. This time the German group Martin Miller & Lari Basilio, who are dedicated to interpreting songs from the 80s, has remembered one of the most important successes of … Read more

David Garrett, the virtuoso violinist and German model, will give his first concert in Costa Rica

David Garrett the virtuoso violinist and German model will give

The German violinist David Garrett, known for mixing classical sounds with reinterpretations of pop and rock music in his repertoire, will present his concert alive in Costa Rica on Sunday, October 16. The show is part of the international tour carried out by the artist to promote the self-titled album, which premiered in 2020. This … Read more

The Empress: 5 facts about the German period series to watch on Netflix

The Empress 5 facts about the German period series to

Like every month Netflix continues to add new content to its catalog. In this case, the platform incorporated a German series titled The Empress -either Die Kaiserin in its original language-, a romantic drama that is already a trend among users. Next, we detail all the relevant information of the new success of the N. … Read more