Andrea, Andrés García’s youngest daughter, says goodbye to the actor: “Thank you for everything you have learned”

Andrea Andres Garcias youngest daughter says goodbye to the actor

The first actor Andres Garcia, He passed away on April 4 at the age of 81. One of the first people to confirm the death was Anahí, a member of RBD. Subsequently, Daisy Portillo, widow of the actor, sent a farewell message. However, the actor’s children remained out of making statements until this Wednesday morning, … Read more

Julión Álvarez becomes a trend in networks after Governor Samuel García’s joke

After the governor of Nuevo León, Samuel García, called on citizens for wasting water by bathing twice a day while listening to Julian Alvarezthe memes with the Mexican regional singer have not stopped appearing. Also read: Julión Álvarez removed from the US tax blacklist On August 3, García spoke in a presentation about the changes … Read more

Andrés García’s wife reveals the actor’s true state of health: “Sometimes he gets depressed”

Meta prepares to have headwinds in the second half of

After alerting his fans for a fall that caused a head injurythe actor Andres Garcia confirmed that he suffers from cirrhosis, a disease that came as a result of a life of excesses in which he smoked and consumed alcohol without measure. However, after being hospitalized to receive the necessary medical attention and rule out … Read more

Argentina celebrates musician Charly García’s 70th birthday

Argentina celebrates musician Charly Garcias 70th birthday

Argentines celebrate this Saturday the 70th birthday of the iconic musician Charly García, for which several concerts, exhibitions and other cultural activities will be held in celebration of one of the greatest exponents of rock in Spanish. ALSO READ: The piano and the nicknames of Tony Monserrat One of the main events will be a … Read more