This is the Colombian series by Dago García that premieres on Netflix in February

1674133500 This is the Colombian series by Dago Garcia that premieres

This February 15, the series “The First Time” arrives on Netflix, a Colombian series set in the seventies, starring Francisca Estévez, Emmanuel Restrepo, Santiago Alarcón, Verónica Orozco and Chichila Navia. The first time was recorded in Bogotá, Colombia. – Photo: Courtesy: Netflix This production was created by Dago García and directed by Mateo Stivelberg and … Read more

The reasons why Gael García Bernal decided to refuse to work with Matt Damon on “Bourne”

The reasons why Gael Garcia Bernal decided to refuse to scaled

File photo dated September 17, 2019, of the Mexican actor Gael García Bernal, during a press conference in Mexico City (Mexico). EFE/Mario Guzman For more than a decade, Gael Garcia Bernal’se has managed to position himself as one of the most versatile actors on the national scene after his successful film career in Mexico and … Read more

Kany García was among the Latin leaders awarded at the inaugural event of the Latin Grammy

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LAS VEGAS, NV. — No one better than them to know that theirs is not a bed of roses. Faced with a system that has been permanently dominated by men, female entertainment professionals have had to deal with all kinds of problems throughout their careers, as was made clear in the words spoken during the … Read more

Gael García opens conversation about the climate crisis in Mexico with a series

Anuel AA ended up on the floor in the middle

Addressing and opening the dialogue on the climate crisis that affects the world and specifically Mexico City is the objective of the second season of the docuseries The topicled by Mexican actor Gael García Bernal. The interpreter, known for his climate activism and criticism of the environmental policy of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, spoke … Read more

This is the heart problem that Manolo García suffers and that has forced him to cancel his concerts

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Manolo Garcia has announced this Wednesday that it cancels all concerts that he planned to give until the end of the year for acute myocarditis suffered. It’s about the end point —until further notice— from a tour in which he has already had some other setback due to Covid-19. However, it is unknown if the … Read more

Andrés García makes ‘peace’ with one of his sons after his false death; this was his reappearance

After feeling death up close again, Andres Garcia He returned with a new video through his channel Youtube, where he talked about how they left him for dead and that he has already made peace with his children. And it is that a couple of weeks ago, the wife of the 82-year-old gallant, Margaret Portillo … Read more

‘García’: the Spanish science fiction and comedy series that triumphs HBO Max

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Science fiction is gaining followers in our country by leaps and bounds and this is probably due to the fact that, for some time now, there have been many serial bets that use this genre to make a difference with careful productions and original approaches for new stories. that conquer us on television and platforms. … Read more

Gael García revealed that he did not want to be an actor: “I wanted to be a normal kid”

Gael García was invited to the ‘Creativo’ podcast by the influencer from Monterrey, Roberto Martínez. Gael García participated in the soap opera ‘My grandfather and I’ along with Evangelina Elizondo, Ludwika Paleta, Jorge Martínez de Hoyos etc. In 2001, Gael participated in ‘Y Tu Mama Tambien’, a film directed by Alfonso Cuarón. Gael Garcia Bernal … Read more

Gael García hesitated to be an actor after debuting in soap operas: “My thing was not acting”

Gael Garcia hesitated to be an actor after debuting in scaled

The actor acknowledged the fame he had at the beginning of his film career as a leading man in movies and joked that the situation is very different today. (Photo: EFE/Mario Guzmán) As few times, Gael García Bernal opened his heart to share a little about his acting experience inside and outside of Mexico, as … Read more

Charly García turns 71: the musician who set fire to Argentine rock

Charly Garcia turns 71 the musician who set fire to

In the 1970s, he formed nothing less than Sui Generis, Porsuigieco, La Máquina de Hace Pajaros and Serú Girán. Since 1982 he became a soloist and little by little he became a legend. He is currently finalizing details of a new album. Charlie Garcia he did not say “Vini vidi vici” (it was Julius Caesar), … Read more